Thanksgiving Happies

I just heard on  TV that Christmas will be here in only 47 more days.  Gads, how is it possible to think about Christmas when we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving?Della RobbiaSpeaking of Thanksgiving, it’s not too early to think about the table.  For me, some things stay the same, like the Della Robbia dishes, my very first set.  Others have come and gone, but for some reason I’ve hung onto these, and they come out once a year at Thanksgiving.  Is it too much to hope that one of my daughters will keep them?

pumpkins/ThanksgivingNo question, the dryer hose pumpkins will be used as a centerpiece.  The challenge is figuring out how to arrange them differently!

While some things are traditional, I like to have some new little happy each year, so I went looking at Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pier One, Target and World Market.  I found a number of tempting things, and if you, too, are still looking for that something new here’re some ideas.

Napkins and table runners for easy updates.

Place card holders for a touch of fun.

Chargers and placemats for a different look.

Cute things that could be worked into a centerpiece.

Just because.

A brine kit that takes the work out of preparing a turkey.

Pier One

So, after spending several hours going from place to place, what came home with me?  I restrained myself and got only napkin rings that were on sale at Pier One.  The looking was sure fun, and I hope you enjoyed it, too!

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10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Happies

  1. Every time the store flyers come out I’m inspired to purchase something new but am learning to restrain myself and make do with all ‘the stuff’ I already have. The marketing to get us to buy sure makes it hard to just browse in the stores.

  2. I love going to those shops for inspiration…and I so remember those cute dryer vent pumpkins!
    I will be going over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving this year.

  3. I love love love those dishes and totally understand why you have hung onto them. I appreciate you sharing all your thoughts and pictures as I am so terrible at grouping and love the inspiring ideas!

  4. Love your napkin ring find! They will look perfect with the Della Robbia dishes! Thanks for the little shopping trip, Linda!

  5. I love the Thanksgiving dishes! We’ve already had our Thanksgiving in Canada, but guess what? The Christmas dishes came out of storage today! 🙂

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!  I know your table and food will be ever so special!!!!

  7. Thanks for the shopping fun, Linda, I’ve got to go looking tomorrow!

    1. Having access to so many places is a nice thing about being back in Houston.

  8. You restrained yourself so well! The turkey napkin rings are perfect. I hope you do use the dryer hose pumpkins. They are wonderful! 🙂

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