The Girls Show Their Stuff

Halloween tableTypically we are on the road between Maine and Houston on Halloween, and this year is no exception.  Refusing to let their special night be ignored, Helga, Henrietta and Hildy flew right in, joined at the hip, to suggest an early celebration.

Halloween tableSo, they said, we’ll make it happen and with that they began scurrying around finding this and that in the pumpkin patch.

Halloween tableBlack, of course, is favored by the girls so it’s no surprise to see it as their primary color choice.  Naturally, it had to be accented with a little orange and ruffles, well, those are bewitching.  And just look at the sassy way the three H’s presented napkins and flatware.  Do they think rules apply when creating a table?  It sure doesn’t look like it!

Halloween tableNo witches table would be complete without a kettle of candy corn.

Halloween tableSuch a sweet touch that is and how clever they were to use cordial glasses as candle holders.  Oh those girls!Halloween TableStanding back admiring their handiwork, the three H’s seem quite pleased.

Halloween tableWho can blame them as they did an admirable job of pulling things together in just a matter of minutes.  Their effort sure put the pressure on me to come up with something yummy to serve. I remembered seeing a white bean/chicken chili recipe on Everyday Sarah Jane that looked very tasty.  Let’s take a look.

chicken chiliThough her recipe calls for chard, I substituted kale since it was on hand.  I also added a hefty dash of cumin and kernels from an ear of corn that needed to be used. I’m thinking this chili will be a crowd favorite on a chilly night.  

Thanks to Helga, Henrietta and Hildy for showing their stuff and making all this happen.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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19 thoughts on “The Girls Show Their Stuff

  1. so whimsical and fun!! The chili looks delicious!

  2. What a wonderful table….and the chicken chili looks like the ultimate comfort food…I am sure traveling is going to be a bit bittersweet leaving that gorgeous Maine…safe travels and hope the rain stops in Houston before you get home!!…

  3. Safe travels Linda! I love your witchy scape with the cauldron of candy corn!

    1. Did you hear me say hello as we passed through Alabama today? Stopped in mobile for lunch.

  4. The three H’s are so adorable! I can see that they like to stick close together! How fun are they? Darling table with ruffles and candle and candy galore. They would have plenty of friends here! Travel safely as you go, there will be witches flying low!

  5. Love the great ideas here…cute girls!

    Happy Halloween!

    Jane x

    1. Halloween finds us driving to Houston.😏

  6. How fun LuLu! Your girls are cute as can be and so it that little house. Safe travels to Houston! Have a Happy Halloween!

  7. That chili looks so good! Safe travels south…

  8. I love your book birdhouse and that chili does sound really good! Happy Halloween Weekend:@)

  9. Beautiful table. Lovely warm colors. The 3 witches are adorable. they remind me of the Sanderson sisters in the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

  10. Linda, a fun Halloween Table! The 3H’s make a splash! Safe travels!

    1. I’ll holler at you as we pass through Alabama today!😉

  11. Thanks so much for sharing my recipe – I hope you enjoyed! XO

  12. I love those girls and that birdhouse is wonderful. Safe travels!

  13. Too cute!! Even my 2 grandsons would be enchanted by it, and would ask for seconds on the chili!! Have a safe and fun trip home.

  14. A really fun Halloween table, Lulu. The Chili looks really delicious. 🙂

  15. Loved the three H’s! Great soup/stew – we had it ourselves this past week.
    Going to have “Apple Dapple Cake” soon!😍🍎🎂

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