One More Time

With our time in Maine running out, we are trying to do the things we so enjoy one more time.  At the top of the list is a lobster dinner, one of the easiest we prepare at home.

lobster guyLuckily, my lobster guy is still bringing those tasty crustaceans in and when he knows I want a few of the day’s haul, he calls and in his wonderful Maine accent he says he’s on his way in and to meet him at the dock.  Minutes later I have lobster that have been out of the water no more than a couple of hours.  You just can’t beat seafood that fresh!

lobster potWe steam the lobster in about 2″ of water, salted and with a little seaweed, for approximately 18 minutes.  When it is ready, the hubby cracks the claws, slits the back and drains the water from the shell which eliminates most of the challenge of eating a lobster. (Check out the how to here.)

Lobster dinnerWith steamed lobster, the sides are always the same: fresh corn on the cob and roasted or steamed potatoes.  For something so good, there are no fancy fixins!

lobster tableTable settings for a lobster dinner are the simplest.  The same lobster plates are used time and again

lobster tableand I recently found lobster themed paper placemats that are perfect for a messy dinner because they can be thrown away.

lobster tableNecessary accessories include a cracker for the claws and a little fork to dig the last bite from those hard to get to places.

lobster tableThese cute little fishes hold a lemon slice that can either season melted butter or be used to clean hands when the lobster is all gone.

lobster tableLet me assure you that any table setting is secondary to the groans of satisfaction that accompany any lobster dinner!

lemon pieIf there is room for dessert, our favorite is something made with lemon and nothing beats my friend Pam’s lemon pie.  She generously shared the recipe which is posted here. Even if you can’t have the lobster dinner, do try the pie.  You’ll be glad you did!

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16 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Looks delicious! We had a lot of seafood, including lobster, when we were at the Gaspe Peninsula.

  2. I love read about your time in Maine. Have you ever thought about making it a full move?

    Jane x

    1. We think about it as we do love it here but winter gets a little grim and taxes are not favorable.

  3. Love this post. Your table is wonderful. Food looks great. I enjoyed seeing your post.

  4. Oh my stars – forget the table, just give me some of that lobster! Sounds fabulous. Oh, but your table is lovely too. I love the disposable placemats. Wonder if they make something like that for crawfish that I could use here in New Orleans – hmmmm . . .
    Christi @ A Southern Life

    1. As messy as eating lobster or crawfish is, the paper mats are a great find.

  5. Lemon pie sounds like the perfect end to a lobster meal but…I’ve never had a lobster meal so I’m just talking in my ignorance.

  6. How lucky you are to have easy and cheap access to lobsters. Great photos too.

  7. OMG! I want to join you for dinner! That looks so delicious. Beautiful plates and set up too!…Christine

  8. I love that table, literally the table underneath all the pretty decor! I love the fish lemon squeeze!

    1. The table was supposed to be my daughter’s but she couldn’t decide how to get it home. That’s just as well as it works perfectly in our space.

  9. How cool is that? Fresh lobster served another one of your attractive table settings. Way to go, Linda.

  10. You are so lucky to have fresh lobster at your beck and call! That would be my dream come true 😉 Can’t believe the size of these critters – yummmmm.

  11. Oh, how I would have enjoyed feasting at your table!

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