Fall is………

fall on the hillsI grew up in south Florida and have spent most of my adult life in Houston, so experiencing fall in Maine is a special treat.  As many of you have said, fall means cooler temperatures and changing leaves.  While that is true, fall is much more than that to me.blueberry field, fall

Fall is fields of wild blueberries glowing brilliantly under a shining sun before slumbering for the winter.

pumpkinsFall is pumpkins of every size, shape and texture.

Rockport HarborFall is watching the harbor as one by one boats disappear until there are just a few whose hearty owners will brave a few more cool afternoon sails.

lobster boatFall is watching lobster boats go out later in the morning and return with traps, a sure indication lobstering is coming to an end.

fall/hydrangeaFall is hydrangea trees with blooms that change from white to dramatic pink in their final weeks

fall/hydrangeaand bushes holding on as long as possible to their Endless Summer beauty.

fall/woodFall is wood cut and stacked to keep winter fires burning.

fallFall is wearing warm clothing and taking walks in the woods

falland marveling over nature’s beauty.

fall/sunsetFall is having my breath taken away by the drama of sunsets which change from summer pastel to rich, deep tones that color both sky and water.

fall/sunsetMost of all fall is taking in the wonder of all that is around me and wishing that it did not signal the end of the time we spend in Maine each year.

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20 thoughts on “Fall is………

  1. Enjoyed my visit with you this morning, Linda! Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn in Maine with your lovely photographs!

  2. Lovely words and photos Linda would like to come and see your part of the world one day julie x

  3. Fabulous autumn scenes, Lulu. Beautiful hydrangeas and sunset.:)

  4. Gorgeous Linda! Love the evening photo with the brilliant orange water~ how lovely to enjoy fall’s bounty in Maine!

  5. I believe that fall will be the season I miss most now that we have moved from New England to Florida.

  6. You had me at that first picture, but the more I scrolled down, the more I loved this post. Thanks for sharing. You’ve captured a lot of what fall means to me. (Love that pumpkin pic, too!)

  7. So beautiful, Lulu!! 🙂

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful. That sunset shot is amazing!

    1. Not nearly as amazing as the real thing!

  10. I never tire of taking in the wonder of it all either. What lovely photos you have shared with us today. Fall is indeed a beautiful season.

  11. Glorious pics Linda.. we don’t experience fall or autumn in Qld.. :(.. I so love experiencing change of seasons.. its brings within me a leap of newness, a resting period, a fulfillment of one season, enjoy your fall season.. for me as well. xx hugs j

  12. Fall has always been my favorite time of year with all the beauty and glory of Mother Nature’s glorious sigh as she prepares to tuck in her trees and plants for a long winter’s nap. Fall in North Carolina comes a little later than in Maine but is just as beautiful. I love, love, love traveling to the mountains each fall and experiencing the vivid colors splashed across the hills and down into the valleys. Just breathtaking! Your photos captured fall in Maine beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your commentary is lovely. Thanks for visiting.

  13. Just beautiful ….nature…..so unlike Houston………thanks for sharing!!

  14. Absolutely lovely, Linda. The photos are amazing!

  15. Such beautiful pictures and I am right there with you with Fall being so much more to me. I love crisp fall nights in my house with the woodburner flaming and the man and my kids snuggled in.

    1. I like the image of you with hubby and kids in front of the fire. Favorite moments for me as well.

  16. The colors are glorious!…Love all of the Fall colors in your fabulous Maine…and the photo of the water at sunset is nothing short of breath taking!….I too lived many, many years in South Florida…grew up there….

    1. I do love it here but time is growing short.

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