You Can’t Beat Beth’s

Beth'sThere may be a better farm market than Beth’s in Warren, Maine, somewhere, but I’ve not found it.  No fancy signage will get you there, but when one of these signs is on a corner, you better turn and head in that direction.

Beth'sAny time of year is a good time to go, but fall is my absolute favorite.  Do you get a hint why?  Nowhere is there so much evidence of fall bounty.

Beth's/pumpkinsThere are more varieties of pumpkins than you can imagine

Beth's/pumpkins/gourdsand so many decorative gourds that it’s almost impossible to choose which ones to take home.  If all this color and texture doesn’t get you in the mood to do some fall decorating, nothing will!

Beth'sIsn’t the name of these wonderful?  They almost inspire me to have a ladies lunch just so I can use them as a centerpiece.

Beth'sInside is just as plentiful

and with so much beautiful, fresh produce grown on the acres Beth’s farms it’s hard not to buy more than you need.

Beth'sIn addition to all these temptations, there are lots of specialty products and baked goods made in-house.

Beth'sWith all it has to offer, you can bet many of the area restaurants rely on Beth’s for their produce.

Beth'sI’m not sure though if these pumpkins are going to have many buyers!

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You’re Gonna Love it Tuesday

20 thoughts on “You Can’t Beat Beth’s

  1. what a fun place!! Love the last picture lol

  2. What a place full of treasures…I think I would enjoy just walking around and taking it all in and then finding a few souvenirs to take home of course!

  3. What a great shop! Fun photo of you!

  4. These pictures are filled with fall inspiration! I just sent a text to my daughter reminding her that it’s time to make our way to the pumpkin patch.

    1. I hope you find as many as I did!

  5. Wow…that is a fabulous place!…and I see “double lovelies” !!! Been away for a while and catching up on your happenings….

  6. I can only imagine enjoying Maine during October! Thanks for the trip to the colorful market! Love the photo of you and your husband!

    1. Maine is so full of color now and it’s not just the leaves.

  7. That last photo 🙂 Luvvvvvv your humor, girl! Thanks for sharing this source, Linda. If I am ever in the area, will check out. Hope you are enjoying fall there. Cheers, Loi

    1. No market better than Beth’s.

  8. Great picture of the two of you…you both look fantastic. I drank that awful water at the Fountain of Youth this summer…no visible signs of improvement. Please tell me your secret!!!!
    Beautiful photos!!! I love fall!

  9. What a FUN visit …thanks for taking us!! I am inspired !!

  10. We were there yesterday. You can see them on display at the post office. Any suggestions?

    1. The double uglies at the post office?😉

  11. Super job at displaying Beth’s magical Fall, Linda! I love all the colors.

    1. Beth’s sets my heart to racing!

  12. Thanks, Linda. Great photos!

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