The hubby was determined to shoot Sunday’s eclipse from beginning to end, and he did, staying in place from 9 PM until after midnight.  The night before he scouted the closeby area for a perfect unobstructed spot to set up his camera, so when the time arrived he was ready.  Over the next 3 hours he took more than 200 photos. I’ll spare you all of them but the following which beautifully show the progression of the eclipse.


A couple of hours before, the moon hung low over Penobscot Bay illuminating the water and surrounding area with its glow.  It was so bright that it made the sky seem empty of all else.

eclipseFinally, at roughly 9:11 P.M. the eclipse began and the first shadow appeared to introduce a progression that would last for about an hour.

eclipseAs we watched, our friend who is an astrophysicist explained what was happening.

eclipseHis commentary made the event even more special and was quite educational.eclipseHe talked not only of the eclipse but of the constellations

eclipseand the stars that began twinkling in the sky as the moon darkened.  Earlier it had been nearly impossible to see all but a few with the naked eye.

eclipseIn the final stages of the eclipse when the moon was a dull ball, the Milky Way claimed its space in a velvet sky.

eclipseThough I expected the moon to go totally dark, it didn’t.  Rather it appeared as if it were hiding behind an orange curtain through which no light could pass.

eclipseSoon after it was totally eclipsed, the reverse began and sometime after midnight the moon again appeared as a bright orb high in the sky.

eclipseFor those of you who missed it, you have another chance in 18 years when the moon again is closest to the earth and perfectly aligned with it and the sun!

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44 thoughts on “From Beginning to End

  1. Oh my gosh. I rushed around for hours trying to see the moon but no moon…
    It was too cloudy in Houston so I missed the Big event.
    Thank you. Thank you ..
    The photos are amazing.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! THANK YOU, Phil, for capturing this phenomenal event and Linda for sharing.

    We were in Florida with very heavy and wet skies. Periodically the clouds would break up a bit and we could tell there was a light in the distance but never got a clear look at the moon, so seeing your photos is a real treat!!! What lens was used and was it all shot while on a tripod? BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Hugs and Love from Houston, Carol and Bob


  3. Thank you for posting these wonderful photos. Here in the Carolinas it was overcast and cloudy and we didn’t see a thing. Not even the light of the full moon penetrated the foggy mist. Your hubby must be taking photography lessons from you as these are exceptional. I am always delighted to see your blog posts. Billie Marasa Keirstead

  4. These are awesome photos! Tried to capture it with our camera from the other side of the harbor, but they were nothing like these! Thank you for sharing.

  5. WOW!!!! Great photography, Phil !!!!!!!!!!!! I must have gone outside 6 or 7 times to “view” the event, but was too cloudy to see! Thanks so much for sharing this with those of us that missed it!!!

  6. We were blessed with clear skies here in central Missouri 🙂 Great photos. Our camera needed a Much longer lens. Our neighbor’s porch light was about the best our camera could capture. lol

  7. Wonderful shots. How awesome! We had heavy cloud cover and rain so no chance for us to see this time or the last one.
    Your husband did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing otherwise the weather channel photo was all I’ve seen that someone posted on Facebook.

  8. Dear dear Linda and Phil , thank you ever so much for sharing this with us . The pho graphs are magnificent . Here in Houston , it was a noshow! Totally cloudy evening, disappointing us tremendously . Especially since the night before , the moon had presented itself in glorious shades of tangerine to yellow to silver . Thank for treating us to this celestial stage show !

  9. I’m so glad you shared these photos. It was cloudy here early that evening and difficult to see the moon. I continued to go out to check the status and finally saw the red moon. Later it was bright with partial eclipse. Tell your hubby thank you!

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