Exploring New Places

Damariscotta RiverIt’s possible we will never explore all that the coast of Maine has to offer, but we do give it a good try.  This time out, we ventured south to the Damariscotta River .  Getting there was a bumpy ride thanks to southwest winds, but once we reached the river we were in calm water with houses on both sides nestled in heavy woods.  Have I ever mentioned that Maine has a LOT of trees?

Damariscotta RiverI hadn’t expected to see lobster pots in the river, but though fewer, there they were and the holiday didn’t keep lobstermen from checking their traps.

As we went upriver, we noticed a difference in the type of boats.  No sailboats and though there were a couple of sizeable power boats,

Damariscotta River more common were smaller recreational craft.

DamariscottaAt the river’s head is the lovely little town of Damariscotta

Damariscottaour destination for oysters on the deck at Schooner Landing.

Maine facesIt seems a number of others had the same idea as there was no place for another boat to tie up.  We were saved by a friendly boater who allowed us to raft up to his vessel.  Talk about a Maine accent, this guy had it!


About oysters,  Damariscotta has long been known for them, but these days the natural grown ones are gone thanks to overfishing.  Common now on the river are sights like this where oysters mature after having been seeded.  If you can believe it, 60-70 million oysters are harvested annually from the river, and they are delicious.  In late September, Damariscotta hosts an oyster festival where one can eat oysters prepared in a variety of ways to his heart’s content.

lobster trapsAfter lunch, we made way to Christmas Cove, our destination for the night, passing through what is called The Gut which separates Rutherford Island from the mainland at South Bristol.  This is an active lobsterman’s harbor as evidenced by platforms stacked with their paraphernalia

lobster boatand the fact that lobster boats far outnumber pleasure craft.  Old Glory qualifies as the most unique one I have seen and makes me think its owner has a real sense of pride and, perhaps, humor.

Christmas CoveIn minutes, we arrived at Christmas Cove where Captain John Smith dropped anchor on Christmas 1614.  It is said to have been a favorite spot for sailors ever since, and with its serene surroundings it is easy to see why.

Pipe DreamsIndeed, it was a peaceful spot where we found ourselves alone at the pier indicating that the summer crowd has lessened which is the beauty of boating in September and October.

MaizyAfter a long day, Maizy is looking to record our adventures.  She will have lots to remember!

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17 thoughts on “Exploring New Places

  1. Very picturesque! I have Maine on my bucket list!

    Jane x

    1. When you decide to make it happen, be sure to let me know.

  2. Enjoyed the adventure with you…absolutely beautiful photos!

  3. Love the reminder, so guess what? We are on our way to our beloved Maine at the end of September and beginning of October – can’t wait for a bowl of awesome clam chowder and fresh fish sandwich. Love and enjoyed your adventure.

    1. Will you be anywheres close to Rockport? Let me know.

      1. Hi Lulu, unfortunately we are going to be time-limited on this trip and won’t be in the Rockport area. Looking forward to seeing the great State again, it has been a long time.

  4. We spent some time in Maine a few summers ago. I’d love to return. I’ve long dreamed of a second home in Maine. Just a dream, but why not?
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and the great descriptions.

    1. Hey, I dreamed for years and it finally happened! Keep on dreaming.

  5. I love to go on boat trips with you Linda! I feel like I’ve been to Maine, even though I never have~ what do you do when Maizy needs to go out?

  6. Oh it looks so beautiful and cool and sunny at the same time. It is still hot, hot, hot here in Nashville and I am ready for some relief and a boat trip!

  7. Fun adventures! The Gaspe Peninsula reminded me a bit of Maine, but I think of Maine as wilder. Also they don’t speak French.

  8. Linda, I always enjoy your boat trips! I love oysters prepared every possible way, but not raw! Thanks for sharing your lovely trips!

  9. Lulu, you are making this lady want to head to Maine and I can’t even ride in a boat without getting seasick! Looks like fun!

    1. Part of the joy of being in Maine is spending time on the water. A pill can help the seasickness so as not to deprive you of the experience.

  10. You certainly have the greatest adventures with the most wonderful ports of call….it must be wonderful to be able to see all that beauty of the Maine coastline. There is such a sense of magic about Maine and its magnificent coast.

  11. Oh, I already miss Maine 😦 Looks like you are enjoying these last days of summer. We’ll be back up in October. I took a little blog break over the summer, so catching up on your posts. And thanks to Shirley for reminding me about your adventures in Maine. Cheers, L

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