Birthday Thoughts

Remember those birthdays you got excited about?  

10: finally double digits and no longer feeling like such a kid

13: a teenager at last

16: whoopee a drivers license


40: special just because

Well, these days birthdays don’t seem so special to me and not just because of being another year older, having a new wrinkle or two plus gray hairs and maybe some unwanted ones or for having acquired a Botticelli belly but because they come around so darned fast.

With each birthday I realize more of my life is behind me than ahead, at least I hope that is the case!  That doesn’t scare me but it does make me want to live each day to the fullest and be aware of all that is around me.  I want to enjoy family and cherish each of the  moments we are able to share.  I want to continue expanding my knowledge, explore new horizons and maintain a zest for life.  Most of all, I want somehow, some way to make a difference in the lives I touch.  That may be my biggest challenge.

I don’t want to look back with regret.  Rather I choose to be grateful for life as it is.  Whatever fills the chapters that are ahead, here’s to savoring the journey and viewing each moment as special.

Have you thoughts about birthdays and what they mean to you?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

12 thoughts on “Birthday Thoughts

  1. Those are my words exactly, Linda. You have said them perfectly and much better than I could have, but I feel the very same way. We love our lives and the people in them. Happy Birthday – over and over.

  2. Great post on birthday reflections. I’m realizing there is more behind than ahead also and I need to make the time count.
    I appreciate your blog visit and was thinking about your comment about Florence. Did you do a post several years ago about Florence? I would love to read it again. One thing about word press is it is hard to go back to a bloggers archives. I never posted my visit to Florence at all and it was a great experience even though it was short. I would love to go back and have more time there. Commenting from my phone and it is harder. Have a great week.

    1. Continuing…..easily by putting Florence in the search box. It was a great month. Yes, we do need to make time count as who knows how much any of us has.

  3. I appreciated your reflections on birthdays and life. These years I appreciate all the celebrations I can get to. I would like to spend more time listening to those around me and finding out more about them instead of just rushing through each day and year…

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