bird feederEvery day I filled the bird feeder with seed, and every day it disappeared without my ever seeing a bird.

chipmunkDetermined to find out what was going on, I sat on the porch, camera in hand, waiting.  It wasn’t long before I saw the culprit that scampered up with ease

chipmunkand filled its cheeks to the brim.

chipmunkOK, said I, that’s enough, and I sprayed the arm to the feeder with WD40 and waited.  What happened next had me in stitches.  No matter how hard the furry little creature tried to scale the arm to the feeder, it slipped and slid.  Ah, I thought, gotcha!  I felt very satisfied until the hubby pointed out that the WD40 would wash off and we needed a more permanent solution.

chipomunkHubby cut a piece from a tin pie plate and inserted it onto the pole. That stymied the chipmunk for about 1/10 of a second

chipmunkand then it hopped right over not to be denied a midmorning snack.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, the hubby tried attaching a spiked piece that would surely stop the little rascal.

chipmunkNo problem.  The chipmunk danced around the spikes and went right on up the pole.  Now we are really beginning to feel frustrated to continually be outsmarted by an animal no bigger than our hand.

birdThe battle between us and the chipmunk went on for several days with the chipmunk coming out the winner until we found a very simple solution….a new bird feeder that it couldn’t balance on or get into.  Now the seed is enjoyed by our feathered friends and the chipmunks run around on the ground gathering whatever seeds fall on the ground.

Us: 1   Chipmunk: 0


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24 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Loved the photos that went with this tale!

  2. In the midst of frustration I feel certain giggles overcame you as that clever chipmunk bested you over and over. We marveled at your (ineffective but TOTALLY innovative) creativity!!!

    Now if you can help solve our wasp problems on the balconies of our 35th floor hacienda we would be forever grateful!!! There is no detectable nest. They swarm and land but there is very little to entice them up here. We got one one of those one way valve sets and set 3 ‘traps’ out and followed the directions explicitly all to no avail. Since you came up with some great ideas, maybe, just maybe you have a solution up your sleeve!!!

    Enjoy your bird watching!!!

    Hugs from HOT Houston, Carol and Bob


    1. Whoa, wasps. I don’t know that we are clever enough to help with that problem!

  3. August 24, 2015 — 1:07 pm

    This is hilarious! Phil and his inventions! Love it! The docs nicknamed me Squirrel…hmmm….I wonder why… Thank you for sharing this fun story! xo

    1. You know the engineer in him has to come out no matter what the problem!

  4. So funny and awesome pictures!! Tina

  5. Ha! It’s so funny to see their antics! Glad you came up with a solution…for now…

  6. They are clever little rascals…Love the new feeder and the birds surely do too!

  7. Oh poor little thing! I can relate, we have squirrels everywhere that dig up my plants, knock over pots and spill dirt all over the patio! They drive me wild!

    1. Before dealing with the chipmunks we had to deal with the squirrels which ate even more of the food. Moving the feeder got rid of them easily enough.

  8. It’s a chipmunk feeder! He’s adorable~

  9. That is one very resourceful and determined chipmunk. 😀 Thanks for the laughs, Lulu. Glad you’ve now solved the problem to everyone’s satisfaction. 🙂

    1. I thought for a while the chipmunk was going to win the battle.

  10. You had us all laughing especially with hubby’s ingenuity and your photography

    1. For such a simple solution we jumped through a lot of hoops but that was part of the fun!

    2. Knowing you got a chuckle made me happy.

  11. You had me laughing with this one! Great photography!

  12. that is brilliant – such a clever little chappy

  13. Beautiful shots. Esp the ones capturing the chipmunk’s actions

    1. He actually proved to be a pretty good subject.

  14. I know three little boys who would love this story!

    Sent from Janice’s iPad🌴♻️


    1. They would have gotten a kick out of the chipmunk’s antics. Might have also scared the little rascal to death!

  15. Great story!! LOL

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