And on the Table….

OK, now that we know how to eat lobster, let’s get it on the table!

lobster tableI just found these cute lobster placemats.  What’s great about them is they are paper so no matter how messy they get, they go right into the trash.  The only thing that has to be washed are the napkins or if they are too messy also get thrown away.  It’s easy to replace them as I have on hand lobster themed fabric which I cut  into 18″ squares and hem stitch on the machine.  Making your own napkins is an easy project and much less expensive than buying them.

lobster tableWhenever lobster is served, out come these plates, some round,

lobster tablesome oval but all with a lobster.

lobster tableNo matter how casual the table, I like to have something on its center.  With blooming things so plentiful right now, it’s easy to gather colorful bunches which this time are put in small sprinkler cans.  I’m crazy about containers that require no flower arranging skills!  The burlap wrapped candle holders I happened to find on sale at one of my favorite Camden shops, but they would be so easy to duplicate so go ahead and copy the idea.

lobster tableTo finish the table, I chose these glasses which were found in an antique shop.  They are a little dinted and worn and pack memories of my grandmother.  I’m betting some of you will remember these, too, and how cold they felt in your hand when they were filled with fresh made lemonade or sweet tea.

lobster tableAll done, it’s back to the kitchen to load trays with steamed lobster, corn on the cob and roasted potatoes.  It just doesn’t get any better!

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20 thoughts on “And on the Table….

  1. Your table settings are wonderful. I do remember those metal cups. My Mom’s friend had them in many colors and we would drink iced tea. Very cold on the hand but fun to drink from. My daughter picked some up at a flea market so we still use them in the summer.

  2. Lobster, nope doesn’t get any better than that! Love the plates and great idea to use paper placemats. My sis had those glasses. I loved them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. You’re killing me with all the lobster talk Linda, we can’t get a decent lobster in Alabama, so you always leave me drooling! Love your disposable mats, so cute!!

    1. We don’t eat too much lobster in Houston either! Here it’s just part of life, a very good part.

  4. Linda, I remember those very cold glasses. The table is fun and easy, so what’s not to love about that. I have a pad or two of paper placemats and enjoy using and tossing in the trash. The center piece collection perfectly finishes your lobster feast! Happy Sunday, Pam (

  5. Table looks great…I do remember those glasses! A perfect follow up blog to your earlier “How to eat lobster”. Know it was enjoyed by all!!!

    1. You are such a good and loyal follower and I appreciate it.

  6. Smacking my lips here and wishing I was sitting at that table!

    1. Now wouldn’t that be fun to have you!

  7. I’ll be right over too. 😀 Gorgeous!

    1. Hey, this is becoming a party!

  8. I’d love to be your guest, Lulu ❤

  9. On my way over Lulu!

    1. What a nice surprise that would be!

  10. Such a fun table….I’ll be right there!!!

  11. Looks luscious! We love lobster around here too. We live in New England on a rather tiny island and our neighbors are lobstermen. Yummy!

    1. Island living….now that intrigues me.

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