Power of a Bowl

tablescapeInspiration for a table setting can come from any number of sources.  For me this day it started with a colorful bowl that was on the table.


You may remember that I’m crazy for bottles so I filled my trusty green ones with blooms gathered on my morning walk and placed them around the bowl.  Voila, a simple centerpiece.

tablescapeFrom there it was easy to pick these wonderful plates purchased at Marshall’s 13 years ago. No question that I couldn’t resist them because they reminded me of Italy for which I’ve had long affection.  Also, I like their shape and, as with the bowl, the multiple colors make them very easy to work with. 

Italian Parsley
Italian Parsley

Playing off the plate’s border, I chose these olive themed napkins and tucked them into the wonderful napkin rings that I found on my recent Italian adventure.


  I thought hard about buying these, and I am so glad they came home with me. Not only are they a reminder of a wonderful month, their herb leafed design is such a unique feature.

tablescapeFlatware from TJ Maxx and glasses from Target complete the table which now is ready for a casual dinner that we are sharing with friends who are traveling by boat and using our mooring for a few days.tablescapeHmmm, with a distinctive Italian flair, it’s a good thing I have ravioli in the refrigerator as it would be a shame not to serve a meal that complements the table.  You wouldn’t believe how often the table setting influences our evening’s menu.  Somehow I think it all goes together.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

15 thoughts on “Power of a Bowl

  1. Love all of the colors in the setting and I agree perfect for an Italian inspired dinner!

  2. Lovely tablescape! The bowl, the napkin rings, and the green bottles! Inspirational.
    We recently went to the Caribbean, and on the plane, had a couple of “gin and tonics”. The Bombay Gin blue bottles (plus 4 more empty ones, given by a flight attendant!) came home with us and I soaked off the lables. A nice reminder of our trip and now ready to use on a table.

    1. Bottles are the best for little flower arrangements.

  3. Love your Italian theme with darling plates,napkins, great napkin rings and a gorgeous colorful bowl surrounded by wildflowers. The view from your table is lovely. I know your guests enjoyed their meal.
    Hope things are well with you. I’ve missed all my blogging friends. Haven’t blogged since February but hope to check in now and then. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Funny you should show up today as I have thought of you often and just yesterday checked your site to see if I had been missing anything. I hope all is well and as always, I appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Beautiful bowl, and I love the arrangements in those green bottles (which look strangely familiar, by the way).

  5. I love the simplicity of your lovely table, Linda…and those are the coolest napkin rings.
    Your bowl looks like one Jenna of The Painted Apron would have painted!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I am always so glad to hear from you. Though I’m behind on comments, I do try to stay caught up with your posts and I’m always crazy about your fearless use of color!

  6. The table looks great but the napkin rings win my heart!

  7. Your herb napkin rings are wonderful, Linda! I’m so glad you came home with them. I’m sure your trip will continue to bring many fine memories and conversations in the years ahead. Your bowl is beautiful, especially with your bud vases surrounding it. You build a beautiful table every time!

  8. Linda, since I love all things Italian, this Tablescape is perfect! But the herb napkin rings, I am drooling over…you should be so glad that you brought them home! And what a view!

  9. A bowl came home with me,
    just the other day…marked italy. It too was an inspiration for a tablescape. Everything is just beautiful on your table!

  10. Delightful table! Brings back fond memories of my meals there! “Tis all beautiful, but especially like the herb napkin rings!

  11. Beautiful plates and love those wonderful napkin rings! Such a beautiful view when you are dining!

  12. oh Lulu, you know I LOVE that bowl! What a great idea to feature it as a centerpiece! Love all the Italian touches, and that your menu is geared to your Italian theme, it’s a wonderful setting for a fun time with friends~ I know you will all enjoy this

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