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It Started With a Book

Florence: Walking Through Food and Culture
Florence: Walking Through Food and Culture

I’m not quite sure where to start this story, but let’s begin with the book, this one that I bought because I liked its cover.  Too, the title seemed so appropriate as walking Florence through its food and culture felt exactly like what I had been doing. 

Florence bookThen, when I opened the book and saw it described as an emotional guide to Florence, I was hooked as so much of this adventure was one filled with emotion for me.

OK, now let’s fast forward. My daughter, her girls and I were off to Sant’ Ambrogio (see here) to shop for a few more bags and have a bite of lunch.  Though the market is supposed to be open daily until 2 PM, it was closed this day as unbeknownst to me it was a national holiday.   Just my luck when everyone was hungry and getting a little cranky.  What’s a mom to do?

I wasn’t too familiar with the market area meaning I had no idea about a place to eat, but I suggested walking the opposite direction from where we had entered at the same time saying a little prayer there would be some cafe or trattoria close by.

FlorenceWe got lucky and in a few minutes took outside seats at Cibreo Caffe.

Fabio Picchi
Fabio Picchi

As we were looking at menus, one of the girls said, “Lulu, you know that book you have?  I think the guy on the cover is right over there.”  I looked up and there was Fabio Picchi and we just happened to be sitting at his restaurant!  Now there may be some people who would seek this place out because they knew it from a guidebook or a blog or whatever, but we’d ended up there totally by accident and without knowing he had a restaurant or, as it turns out, three!  I hadn’t gotten that far in the book.

FlorenceHowever we got there, it was a very good thing as the whole experience was a delight.  I ordered a sampling of antipasti expecting it to be the usual combination of meat, cheese and melon for which I had become so fond.  Not so,  there were tasty new bites, each served on its own little plate so as not to get the flavors confused.

FlorenceJust as we were taking our first bites, one of the many accordion players that stroll the streets of Florence appeared livening up the experience.

IMG_4833It would have been perfect enough had it stopped right there.  What finished it off was this dessert which was so good we had to order another and if it looked like anyone was taking more than their fair share, he/she was in danger of getting a fork in the hand!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK, now here comes the true confession.  I have the book, right, but it’s not with me, so I text the hubby asking that he join us for lunch and, oh by the way, bring the book.   I just couldn’t help myself, I asked Fabio to autograph it.  Others may have their own autographed copy, but I’m betting in not a so round about way.  

Such are the moments that make life so special!

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23 thoughts on “It Started With a Book

  1. INDEED special….!! What wonderful memories that will be retold MANY times by those grand daughters. Delightful entry……big smile

  2. What a happy day to share with your kids! Love when those special times happen in our lives to make extra special “forever memories” in this book of life.

  3. Mickey and I have eaten at the restaurant and it is wonderful. I love your story…your discovery of one of the best restaurants in Florence and getting your book signed…life is fun.

  4. Another “small worldism”…you just never know who you’re going to meet around the next corner. What a fun filled adventure you had during you time in Italy and so special to share much of it with Lindsey and family!

  5. I think you should submit this story for publication somewhere with the 3 photos of the book, the author, and the food. I accidentally just found you on my neighbor Donna Gaetti’s Facebook page (via your photos of her garage room). You are an interesting person and I love your artist’s eye for beauty and detail.

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