High On A Hill

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, we took a train from Zurich to the small town of Einsiedeln.

EinsedelnThere would be little reason to visit there were it not for the Benedictine abbey sitting high on a hill.

EinsiedelnApproaching the abbey, one passes the fountain of Our Lady fed by fresh spring water on the spot the hermit monk Meinrad chose to settle in 835.

EinsiedelnInside, the abbey is strikingly beautiful with painted ceilings and delicate sculptures centuries old.  I had taken one photo before seeing the sign that none were allowed, but this one will give an idea of the stunning interior.

EinsiedelnThe abbey is best known for its chapel with the Black Madonna which has an interesting story.  The original flesh color of mother and child darkened through the years because of soot from candles, incense and oil.  At one time, the images were returned to their original tones, but the Black Madonna had become so important to pilgrims that it was returned to its darker color, never to be changed.

EinsiedelnThe grounds are immense and sources of income are few.  Horse breeding contributes and effort is made for the abbey to be self sustaining.  A lady I chatted with said an idea is being floated that would require young people to do two years of civil service there to offset some of the maintenance expenses.

EinsiedelnAside from the abbey, I so enjoyed observing the monks and nuns who live there.

EinsiedelnThere was joy in smiling faces, and I couldn’t help but respect their commitment to living humbly according to Benedictine rule.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

7 thoughts on “High On A Hill

  1. Wow the Abbey is stunningly beautiful!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Wow, glad you took the recommendation. So gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous setting for this beautiful abbey. What a happy smile that nun has! 🙂

  5. What a lovely place! Abbey is magnificent. Beautiful images, Lulu!

  6. Celia Stewart May 17, 2015 — 9:36 am


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