Packing Tips

We no sooner get to Maine than we are repacking our bags for a month away.  From my Delta flight attendant days, I learned that packing light is the best way to travel.

IMG_4409I find it helpful to make a list of everything that might be needed and as each item goes into the suitcase, check it off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlack and white are perfect for travel.  Add a pair of favorite jeans and with very few pieces it is possible to have an extensive wardrobe.  I won’t be seen by the same people day after day so what difference does it make if the same shirt or pair of pants is worn multiple times?

IMG_4411Knit tops that require no ironing are practical choices.  Tightly rolled and packed close, they take up minimal space in a suitcase.

Shoes are always the hard part.  Finding ones that are comfortable for walking and have some style is a challenge.

fitflopsThese days I go nowhere without fitflops.  They have good support and are oh so comfy except for the most difficult terrains.

IMG_4403For sturdier shoes, I’m crazy about  Nike’s Air Pegasus.  They are light, a little more stylish than traditional tennis shoes and perfect for a mostly black and white wardrobe.

IMG_4405For nights out I throw in a pair of sandals that are also suitable for walking the lesser challenging streets.

IMG_4412There you have it, a not quite full suitcase that leaves room for the treasures I expect to find!  

What packing trips can you share?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

11 thoughts on “Packing Tips

  1. Boy, you do this a lot better than I do! The color coordination is fabulous! I do always add a soft foldable additional bag because the treasures I always want to take home need more space and it folds down to nothing. I am more than willing to pay for an extra bag on the way home if it will get my treasures home!

  2. I’ve heard that “rolling” is the new thing for placing items inside a suitcase. Going to use your list strategy for my trip to Spain next week. Thank you!

    1. Rolling rather than stacking is more efficient. Even with a list I forgot one thing! Enjoy Spain.

  3. Great tips! I’m like you — never leave home without my flipflips. 🙂 So glad I met you at Thrive; only wish our paths crossed more often! XOXO

  4. Love your wardrobe! I stuff sweaters into boots, underwear into the toes of shoes and usually take just one jacket/sweater/coat that goes with everything. Wish I was going somewhere!

  5. Great tips! Wherever you are off to I hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. Well, you certainly are the expert as you are always traveling to great destinations….I love using the eBags…I can fit lots of clothes into one zippered bag and my suitcase is always organized. i will have to check out the fitflops! I am not a tennis shoe person…I found some great ballet tennis shoes from Puma…will have to check out the Nike ones too….Have fun and safe travels!!!…Would it so happen to be a foodie trip?

  7. I am so a “list” person. I make lists for anytime we travel which is quite often during the hockey season for our son. I am going to check out the fitflops for sure!! Have a great trip!

  8. Lookin’ good, Linda. I love “batteries” on the list. I always forget them! Are you taking a GPS? Have fun!!

  9. Linda, you are going to to watch out or I’ll pack myself in your suitcase too! 🙂 Great packing tips and I know you will have a blast!

  10. You are SO organized…. you need to come to my house and help me pack for a trip!

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