Bungalows to Big

housesFunny how neighborhoods change.  In mine, it’s impossible not to notice how homes have gone from bungalows built mostly in the 1920’s and 30’s to big.  I guess that’s what happens in a convenient big city location. 

housesThere are still some of those original bungalows around, 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut as they sell the property on which they stood goes from this,

to this

housesand, finally, this.  Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why we need so much space when in years past families were raised in homes less than 2,000 square feet and with only one bathroom!

housesOver time home styles have changed.  First were fairly basic two story brick homes

housesfollowed by stucco, initially unadorned

housesbut eventually dressed up with architectural elements.

housesThese days home styles run the gambit from Mediterranean

housesto French inspired

housesto city farmhouse.

housesMore recent are homes with a modern flair, quite a change from the once traditional look of the neighborhood and one that adds interest.

housesIn some instances, soaring structures sit side by side with one of the original bungalows, and I love the contrast!

What is really astonishing is that some of those brick homes built as recently as the 1980’s are coming down and being replaced with new construction.  As I walk through and see all the new design features, I get a hankering to build but I have no idea what the style would be.  How about you, what would you choose these days?

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16 thoughts on “Bungalows to Big

  1. I see this happening in my old neighborhood in Winnetka too. They finally added stricter zoning to outlaw the faux chateaus on small lots. I agree with you on the ridiculous size of many of these new homes…..with family rooms the size of gymnasiums😜.

    When are you off to Maine?


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  2. We have lived in our house for 36 years, it was to be our starter home! The problem with that is this-we built on 14 acres in the Appalachian foothills with lots of privacy and we never wanted to leave! I have often thought about the question you posed…what would I build? I have decorated several of the 10,000 + square foot homes and at the time thought I would love to have a house that large! But, not anymore! I believe a house should complement its location! I see too many over-sized homes on tiny lots! They look ridiculous to me! Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy your posts, Linda! Blessings, Pam (everydayliving)

    1. It sounds like you have the perfect location and I’m betting your house is perfect. Big houses on small lots have overtaken my neighborhood which makes me very grateful for the yard space we have.

  3. Big would be nice when the relatives come, but for everyday living, a bungalow is perfect for me. Loved the photos, ’twas fun to see the many contrasts in the houses.

  4. Love this post! Houston was my home for most of my life, and it’s wild to see reflect on the growth and the changes you identify here. HOWEVER, there is something special about little houses – “love grows best in little houses.”

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