Traveling the Back Roads of Texas

Hill CountryTo track down the wildflowers, heading west from Houston on I-10 is a good place to start.  Now there’s not a whole lot to see between Houston and San Antonio unless you get off the freeway and explore those back roads that give you a glimpse of what most of Texas really is.

small town TexasMuch of small town Texas has fewer than 5,000 folks, and some of those towns, especially what used to be the business area, have seen their better days.  

small Texas townNo matter how shabby a place appears, there always seems to be a sweet church rising to meet the blue Texas sky.

small town TexasIMG_4306IMG_4305
IMG_4299Here and there are some surprisingly cute places like this one serving a delicious lunch

IMG_4307and having a garden shop and nursery chock full of tempting things.

pickups/bar b queBar-B-Que is a favorite food in these small towns and if that’s what you have a hankering for, you’ll be in luck.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a pickup, you’re still welcome

Texas country facesTexas country facesTexas country facesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand can have a bite of lunch with the good ole boys!

bluebonnetsThere was a time when all the wide open spaces were cattle ranches,

Texasbut these days there’s no telling what kind of four legged critter is being raised.

Hill CountryYessir, I like exploring these back roads and sometimes Pa and I find us a porch and just sit and rock and take it all in!

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18 thoughts on “Traveling the Back Roads of Texas

  1. Great photos…especially, the one of you and Pa! Loved the face shots of the gentlemen…oh, the stories they could tell.! I thought it interesting the cattle were lying in the blue bonnets instead of on the grass …guess they love the wild flowers, too!

    1. The fellas were good sports to allow me to take their photo.

  2. Darling shots! Looking so relaxed!
    I love Texas! Just spent a week in San Antonio with my sister-always gain quite a few – can’t resist the fabulous food and fun!

    1. I’m betting you got a good taste of Tex-Mex in San Antonio!

  3. Love this and the photo of you two sitting on the porch! Too cute. There’s a possibility my Dear will have a new job in Austin. Right now it’s just a possibility but if it becomes reality I’m going to have to make a shout out to my bloggy friends for advice in re-locating.

    1. Folks do like Austin so that would likely be a good move.

  4. Love the wild flowers and the chickens! x

    1. I’m kicking myself for not coming home with some of the chickens!

  5. Great pictures!! I think I would fit in just as well as you both do!!

  6. love those metal chickens! Looks like a fun day!

  7. So pretty at this rime of year. I love the wildflower photos the best, the resting cows especially.

    1. Yes, I just wish the season lasted a bit longer.

  8. Usually the back roads are the best way to travel and see the true spirit of anywhere.

  9. The wildflowers are beautiful! 🙂

  10. I love the picture of those cows lying among the wild flowers. And also that great photo of you and “Pa”!! I’ll bet it was a great off the highway day, Linda!

  11. Great series Lulu, love this post.

  12. I love this post!! Great shots! Wildflowers are all over in San Antonio and Austin 🙂 : )

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