Texas In Bloom

Office View HoustonLiving in Houston, a fast paced, sprawling, big city, it’s easy to forget about other parts of Texas that really characterize what this state is all about.  

wildflowersThis time of year is especially good for doing a little exploring. It takes about an hour to get away from city sights and sounds and start noticing fields of bluebonnets, Indian paints and other wildflowers blooming along the road.  

bluebonnetsWe Texans can thank Lady Bird Johnson for thinking that Texas highways would be a lot prettier seeded with wildflowers.  How right she was!

wildflowersLovely though the highways are, it’s not until you get on the back roads that it’s possible to stop and enjoy the magic.

wildflowersSeeing a fluttery butterfly feeding

wildflowersor a tiny bug using a petal as a bed are such simple pleasures.

wildflowersThere is surprise to find startling colors peeking among thorny cacti

wildflowersor here and there a solitary bloom reaching for the sun.

wildflowersMy favorite field of blooms? Right here, wild and untamed.

Taking time away from the city opens my eyes to a new sights that bring smiles.  Won’t you come with me again to do a little more exploring?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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24 thoughts on “Texas In Bloom

  1. I so remember how gorgeous Texas is in the Spring…Hopefully I can get your way this year!

  2. Beautiful wildflowers, thank you Lady Bird!

  3. So beautiful, Linda. Thank you for sharing. We are still waiting for spring up in Maine.

  4. Hi Linda, so nice to receive the gift of your picture blog this morning, as I stare out onto the last remaining piles of dirty snow. By the time you get here we also will be a-bloom. I dragged in some forsythia branches to force, and that has been my Maine spring joy for now. Thank you. Judi Valentine

  5. Linda, these are so lovely, thank you for sharing them.

  6. Beautiful! My kids have the storybook in Lady Bird Johnson and the windflowers. What a gift she gave people!

  7. This is definitely my kind of exploring. The landscape is so beautiful in the Spring. Glad you could get away from the city to explore. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks,Ellen. I so enjoy the back roads.

  8. Love this message!! Can’t wait to see you in Maine!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. Absolutely beautiful photos…spring is definitely my favorite season! Mother Nature is quite the artist isn’t she?

    1. None better than Mother Nature!

  10. Love these beautiful captures, Lulu! Yes, Thanks to Mrs. Johnson! 🙂

  11. Well you and I are on the same path this week with our blog posts. The wildflowers are just beautiful aren’t they? We are so lucky to live in Texas!

  12. How beautiful! Love those wild flowers in the cemetery. We finally are (relatively) warm and sunny in Maine

    1. That is good news. It’s time.

  13. Beautiful fields of flowers!

  14. THANK YOU Linda and Lady Bird!!!!

    1. Can you guess that I made a few stops on the way home?

  15. Texas wildflowers are the best. They pop up all over the place.

  16. I don’t think of Texas as a place with fields of wildflowers. I really need to get out there some day! Pretty post Lulu!

    1. Texas is alive with blooms right now!

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