Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

lobster guyDuring the summer months it doesn’t get fresher than this.  My lobster guy calls me on his way in to the dock, and I meet him there for my quota of lobster minutes out of the bay.

lobsterA few minutes later they are being readied to go into the pot.  I’m always a little squeamish about cutting the rubber band from the claw cause that lobster still has fight left in him.

lobsterOut of the pot, these guys are ready for the hubby to clean to go into lobster risotto, lobster pot pie, lobster ravioli, lobster stew….well, you get the picture.   Sometimes we don’t bother with doing anything more than dipping the warm meat in melted butter.    Hmmm, I can’t wait till summer!

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Weekly Photo Challenge


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. My husband would be elbowing his way into your door with a post like this… Luckily for your summer menu’s we live a long way away and there’s a lot of water between us to negotiate !
    Our friends in Maine cooked their lobsters with the elastic bands still on, took them off after they were cooked of course.
    Roll on Summer…!!!

    1. My lobster guy swears the rubber band affects the taste.

  2. It’s only7:40 in the morning here…but these pictures and your post are making me hungry…great response to the photo challenge.

  3. Would love to be at a lobster pound in Maine right now sitting at a picnic table overlooking the harbor and dining on one of these guys. Great picture for this challenge!

    1. Better wait until it warms up a bit!😊

  4. Fresh lobster!! Can’t beat this one. 🙂

  5. Now that is heaven. Love fresh lobstahs.

  6. Love fresh lobster, but neither hubby nor myself would have a clue how to go about cleaning one ready for the pot. 🙂

  7. Now that is fresh!

  8. You made my day with this post. Now I know what I want to have for dinner 😀

  9. Best for the title, you are so right Lulu – it doesn’t get any fresher or better!

  10. Fun to see the “lobster man” again, and remember that wonderful meal afterwards…yum!!!

  11. You can’t get and fresher than this!….I so love seeing the photos you take when you are in your beloved Maine…Hope you are well!!!

  12. You hit on a soft spot with me – I can eat my weight’s worth in seafood!!

    1. That’s what I do when we are in Maine.🐟

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