Bar Talk

Most nights the hubby and I eat at home, and because it is easy, we more often than not have our meal at the bar.  Casual? Yes, but that doesn’t mean ignoring serving the meal attractively.  Typically, there are flowers, a basket of fruit, bottles or some other simple decorative element on the bar that serves as inspiration for selecting dishes, glasses and flatware.

tablescape/barThis night yellow tipped tulips grouped in cute French yogurt bottles provide the starting point.  By the way, if you are not familiar with Kinfolk, check it out as it is a gorgeous publication.

tablescape/barFrom there, it was easy to select these dishes,

tablescape/bar napkins and placemats, all taking their colors right from the tulips.

tablescape/barAdd to those, green Fostoria stems that were a gift from my now hubby long before we ever thought about being a couple!  

tablescape/barThe last touch is the flatware from Ross that keeps the color theme going.  Though it’s always a fun addition to a table, I have to confess that it’s kinda flimsy which validates you get what you pay for!!

tablescape/barThere you have it, about 2 minutes of effort that will add to the pleasure of the evening meal.  Whether or not the hubby ever pays attention who knows, but I’m guessing he would notice if such little touches disappeared!

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25 thoughts on “Bar Talk

  1. Great post and I love the last photo especially with the soft focussed tulips 🙂
    Many thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  2. Very beautiful! I love how the tulips were the inspiration for the dishes and accessories. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. You could enter this in the weekly photo challenge “Fresh” it’s lovely!

  4. Very nice! A fun combination for your setting. Love the tulips in the french yogurt bottles!

  5. Oh yes, when those touches are gone, they notice!…beautiful setting!…I missed those yogurt jars in France…have a few, but they are clear glass and short…and i have always admired that dinnerware!…Have a great weekend!

    1. I have some of the stubby glass ones as well. My bag always comes home with bottles no matter where I go.

  6. It appears that every day at your home is like being away on vacation at a five-star resort. I enjoy your blog very much…RJV.

    1. That is one of the nicest comments ever!

  7. You could make a grilled cheese and tomato soup look like it was prepared for a king.

  8. Lovely! I eat most meals at the island in the kitchen. Don’t use the table unless I have company. You are an amazing lady to plan such lovely settings for dinner!

  9. Years ago, I found a bowl, platter, and pitcher in that plate pattern you have there. I can’t remember if I bought mine at Target, TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning. How did I miss the plates? They are gorgeous! They look so good with the tulips…wonderful colors in your tablescape. Thanks for sharing your devotion to keeping things pretty while dining – even at the bar. Blessings~

    1. The dishes came from Target. There were some nice accessories but I only got the dinner and salad plates. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  10. We dine casually most nights too, but I don’t get to fancy except change the plates and flatware to go with the meal~ love the french yogurt bottles, very attractive with a simple tulip stem~

    1. No reason to get fancy when a little will do! I’m a sucker for bottles.

  11. One masterfully created dinner experience that looks like. Way to go, Linda!

  12. Good Afternoon Lulu, Oh I do think your husband would notice if you stopped dressing your table so beautifully. Your dishes are gorgeous.
    Best Wishes

    1. Tonight he said he does notice but is so used to it he thinks that’s the norm!

  13. Yes we eat at the bar most meals too. I love to set the bar for the little ones too. Everything is so pretty and colorful. Those Fostoria are fabuloso!! And the tulips just make me happy!

  14. Beautiful dishes, Lulu! Precious green Fostoria stems. 🙂

  15. Bravo for you! It’s just the two of us, and I find that we rarely sit at the table or even the bar. We usually just eat a simple salad or light dinner on a tray in our laps. I need to change the habit and get us back to the table. ‘-)
    Your setting is lovely! I think it makes a difference to sit at a lovely setting.

  16. I love the green glasses!!

    1. I won’t tell you how old they are.

      1. That is perfect! I love old vintage a lot!

  17. Those two minutes made for extraordinary ambience.

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