WPC: Wall

CubaA wall hides what is behind making a passerby unaware of poverty and disrepair.  So it is in a Cuban neighborhood where every flat surface becomes a mural detracting from what is and causing one to marvel at creative ingenuity.


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18 thoughts on “WPC: Wall

  1. So very, very sad and heart breaking…such a beautiful mural, but not so beautiful beyond that…Loved reading about your experience there last year.

  2. Agree with Shirley.

  3. How interesting. Leaves one wondering just how bad it is behind the wall!

  4. Is this Jose Fuster’s work?

    1. In part. It is his neighborhood where neighbors have joined in the creative process.

  5. I so recall that wall. Much has changed in the US’s relations with Cuba since our trip just over a year ago. Though undoubtedly, there will be a long road ahead before a true normalization of our diplomatic relations with Cuba occurs.

    1. How true. Should we return and see all that we missed?

  6. Great wall with beautiful colors..

    1. Thank you. It is made totally out of pottery shards.

  7. 😦 America has too much to cover in such a waay.

  8. Very true what you say about the art hiding the true story. However when I was last in Cuba I was actually really impressed with the lack of terrible poverty compared to what existed before Castro. Just sayin, and that was quite awhile ago. 🙂

    1. Hard to imagine it being worse. Hopefully changes in relations between Cub and US will have a positive impact.

  9. Is the man Venezuela Chavez?

    1. He is Che whose likeness is everywhere.

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