Thinking Green

Just as the grass begins to green and leaves shyly appear on trees, here comes St. Patrick’s day wearing its own cloak of green.  It may not be as widely celebrated in Houston as in some parts of the country, but there are a few Irish pubs where green beer will flow and Irish music will spill from the speakers.

St. Patrick'sAs for me, I will don my sparkly fedora

St. Patricksand head to World Market to gather my usual basket of Irish goodies.

corned beefI am a creature of habit when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, so we will have the same corned beef and cabbage that slow cooks in one of those Irish beers and fills the house with warm aroma.

St. Patricks tableAs for the table, not much changes from year to year.  White plates set on green placemats  always appear with the same green Fostoria glasses and maybe a new napkin.  And, yes, I do like using those fedoras over and over.

white azaleas/springAnd because they are beginning to bloom, white azaleas festooned with green will add their special beauty.

Here’s to all of you with shining Irish eyes who share in one of Cuisine Kathleen’s favorite days.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl

Tablescape Thursday

24 thoughts on “Thinking Green

  1. What a fun post! Love the table and your fedora as well!! Tina

  2. Hi Linda! You look great! I want azaleas blooming, but I will have to wait! Thanks so much for joining in the St. Pat’s Blog Crawl, I made my 10 soda breads and I’m cooking Paddy’s Pig now. Colleen the Corned beef will come on Tues. 🙂 I cook mine in ginger ale.

  3. I like the fedoras for the centerpiece- makes me think of the phrase “throwing your hat in the ring”! I’m envious of your azalea blooming already and look at the size of that flower! I’m doing the same traditional slow cooked meal too (though I’m not Irish I enjoy it just the same). The dishes and placemats look great- your table is ready! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. Happy St. Pat’s Day, Linda…cute hat! Love those placemats…and the corned beef/cabbage look so good…it’s hard to wait until the 17th.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Great photo’s what a way to share St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

  6. Love that hat and your azaleas are lovely.

  7. Look at you rockin that sparklin fedora! What a good idea to hit WM for Irish goodies, I will be heading over there today~ your table is quite festive, love the hat collection!

  8. The best part of this post was seeing your happy, smiling face of you with that cute fedora on!! I love that nothing much changes and that you keep the same traditions for St. Patrick’s Day from year to year. Why change a great thing? Happy 🍀 Day to you!!

  9. Your table sparkles with the look of the Irish, The corned beef looks amazing! Our celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day will be much the same as yours. The wearing of the green, a bit of stout beer, and a lovely corned beef dinner. Happy St. Pat’s to you! (just a wee bit early).

  10. Ha! Great shot of you in that fun hat. Fun table and the food looks great. Now why am I in the mood for a beer!?

    1. Come on, I’ll have one with you!

      1. Love your Irish menu and table and the snap of you is adorable. You’ve certainly inspired me to go do my Irish stew shopping!
        Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  11. Happy St Paddy’s Day Lulu… Great picture of you!
    Love, Mona

    1. Thank you, Mona, and the same to you.

  12. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Lulu! Beautiful photo of you, love the smile. 🙂

  13. As Papaw used to Vicki, “Ah, and if you weren’t Irish, what would you be? I’d be ashamed of meself!” You and the table look lovely, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

    1. I don’t think I’ve heard that before. I have a smidgen of Irish so I don’t have to be ashamed! Love seeing your name here!

  14. Such a cute centerpiece. I LOVE the little plaid hat. The food looks great! Have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

    1. The hats were a fun purchase at Target. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hi Linda, No greens outside here yet, although we can see some tiny bits of pavement here and there! Lots of snow melted yesterday and no more is on the radar right now (I hope I didn’t jinx anything). Your white azalea is gorgeous! Linda

  16. Happy St. Patrick’s Day…..we love to celebrate it in our household as it is a very special day….
    Love the table and jealous that your azaleas are already starting to bloom….and love your hat!

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