The Real Thing

French country has been  a popular decorating style for a number of years now.  With its understated simplicity and warmth it is easy to live with and can be interpreted in many ways.  When I think of the real thing, however, I return to this wonderful house in Provence which we called home for a month.

Provence houseFrom the minute I saw the stone house perfectly nestled into the landscape, I was in love.

Provence houseNothing could have been more perfect than the interior, not fancy, just quirky and artistic.

Provence houseEverywhere were fun touches like the old sled used as a coffee table.

Provence houseColor and texture, two of my favorite elements, were in every room.

Provence housePlaster walls washed with warm tints 

Provence houseand rustic board ceilings worked their magic.

Provence houseNo fancy bathroom but even that was part of the home’s charm and was ample enough.

Provence houseSpring in Provence is full of sunlit days, the kind that make you want to be outside enjoying their warmth with a glass of wine and entertaining company.  Yes, that is the real thing!

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17 thoughts on “The Real Thing

  1. I enjoy the real thing too. Provence is one of my favorite places.

  2. What a lovely place to spend a month. Lucky you.:-)

  3. So nice to be able to enjoy a place like this…

  4. What a beautiful place to spend a month in, both the house and Provence. Love French country, which you see a lot in No. TX.

  5. What a darling place!

  6. I loved seeing and being in the beautiful homes in Normandy…and I someday want to travel to Provence…loved seeing these photos again…beautiful..

  7. Love the simple life. And the rock exterior is fabulous. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a month.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful place to live. Life must feel blessed in such surroundings.

  9. So lovely, and tastefully furnished Lulu. 🙂

  10. Love the colour of the walls – sort of yellow hints but muted. Isn’t lovely to look back at old photos and see and remember happy days in the sun

  11. This is lovely.

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻️


  12. Looks magical and I love the tree trunk supporting the bathroom sink!

  13. Wonderful house…beautiful restful colours. Love the white covers on the chairs…ready for me to spill my wine or black coffee! We arrived in France with a great deal of white things…we had never seen fly shit in our lives but soon our white things were covered in black dots. The house is very like our way of living except that you could fit our house into yours about 3 or 4 times:)

    1. Lucky us….we missed the fly shit!

  14. It looks very cozy and welcoming! 🙂 What a lovely house.

  15. It looks wonderful, but I don’t think I could live permanently with that style.

    1. For a month, it was great though we did miss our bathroom!

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