Fun In The Kitchen

We do enjoy entertaining at home, and sometimes it’s fun to have everyone get involved in the fixing.  Nothing works better for that than pizza.

pizza/foodYou never know what toppings folks will like, so it’s best to have an assortment ready.

piza/foodTalk about an opportunity to be creative!

pizza/foodChoosing one or two toppings can be a real challenge, so loading up with a variety has real appeal!  Guys especially get into combining ingredients, and it’s always interesting to see how their creations turn out.

pizza/foodSome folks do like to keep their pizza a tad simpler so as not to totally confuse the taste buds!

appetizer/foodOnce the pizzas are in the oven we snack on appetizers.  What could be more perfect than cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto 

crostini/appetierand tomato mozzarella  crostini?  Yum, it just doesn’t get better!

pizzaWhen the pizzas are ready, we mound slices on a platter so everyone can share.  I’m betting you won’t find any  of these combinations on a menu!

tablescapeWith platter and a caesar salad in hand, off we go to the dining room for some lip smacking fun at a very simple and colorful table.  The plates actually came from Italy so they are a good choice for pizza.

tablescapeLet me tell you, those straw wrapped wine bottles are not as easy to find as they were when we thought them dripping with candle wax was the epitome of table decor!

There you have it, a very fun way to spend an evening with friends!

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27 thoughts on “Fun In The Kitchen

  1. Rattlebridge Farm--Foodie Friday & Everything Else March 7, 2015 — 10:33 am

    A great idea to let family and guests assemble their own. I’ve got the same dishes!)

    1. Since buying these in Italy, I have added a few pieces but they were much less expensive in Italia!

  2. Great table, great menu, great dishes, and a chuckle to boot–about our thinking the candle-dripped straw bottles were the epitome of table decor!! Enjoyed your post, and yes, I noticed the beautiful dishes right away! ~Zuni

  3. Table looks beautiful and pizzas look yummy!!!!

  4. Nothing is better than pizza on a beautiful table! A great idea…it just might be a pizza night at our house too..

  5. Love nights like this Lulu, wonderful table setting – Pizza just may be on our menu tonight!

    1. We’re crazy about pizza nights and pizza is such a great way to use the little bits of what’s in your refrigerator.

  6. I’m showing this piece to Leon, Linda. It will give him some ideas for making those summer pizzas.

    1. I thought of you all this night. It would have been even more fine if we had a pizza oven.

  7. That looks amazing – don’t suppose you’re thinking of moving to the UK anytime soon??

    1. There was a time when we thought we were going to be in the UK and were disappointed that it never worked out.

  8. I love this idea…but I find that I need another oven to accommodate baking more than one pizza at a time…you seem to coordinate your courses so wonderfully!….Looks like such fun!

    1. Shirley, use flatbread or smaller crusts for multiples. They work fine.

  9. A fun idea to get everyone involved! Love the table. Those wine bottles take me back…

    1. Sometimes the simple things are the very best!

  10. Love, love love it! Everyone had to have a great time! Looks like alot of fun!
    Blessings My Friend,

    1. Much fun indeed and that’s the way entertaining should be.

  11. this is fun and pretty too~

  12. Your table setting is gorgeous!

  13. Looks like a lot of fun . . . and so pretty! Those plates are gorgeous! (I wish I hadn’t tossed my wine bottles like that!)

  14. I want some pizza!

  15. so festive and fun looking! I love those plates!

  16. What a fun idea and yes I am old enough to remember when wax dripping bottles were the height of sophistication! You could even buy special candles and do your own if you were lucky enough to have those special wine bottles. Fun memories!

  17. This has me singing, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s …”
    I still love those straw-wrapped wine bottles. Have three of them with candle drippings (stored somewhere).
    I like the idea of having everyone make their own pizza, yet slicing them up and sharing with the other guests. Hadn’t ever thought of that before.

    1. We are on the same wave length! That song went through my head, too. Thanks for your visit and for making me smile.

  18. What a fun evening!! And YUMMY!

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