Flowers, Spring

Here’s To Spring

dirt road winterAs much as I love Maine, it has a long winter and this is one to remember.  Feet of snow and slippery ice there makes Houston a very good place to be this time of year.

pear tree/springTrees are bare of leaves, many days the sky is dreary and there are still cool days, but none of this keeps spring from appearing right on schedule.  First come the flowering trees.

redbud/springOne day limbs are laden with tight little buds

tulip tree/springand the next they are a sea of color.  Each year I know just where to look for my favorites and they never disappoint.

flowers/dianthusGardens are vivid with color only God can create,

flowers/springand tulips bloom bravely during their very short season.  

white azaleas/springNot too far behind are azaleas that are just now starting to open and I can never resist bringing the first ones inside.

For those of you still laboring under the weight of snow and ice, take heed.  Spring will come your way, and the beauty of blooming things will likely outlast those in Houston when summer heat takes its toll.

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32 thoughts on “Here’s To Spring

  1. Beautiful flowers! We got 6 more inches on top of the 4 ft we already had, and more on the way! I am longing for flowers. I bought myself 3 primrose plants to cherr up my kitchen window, so much white out there! Enjoy your blooms.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos …spent the afternoon working in my yard yesterday. It was simply too fine of a day to stay inside. My heart goes out to those still struggling through the ice, snow and cold!

  3. Thank you for sharing some spring flowers. We had some freezing rain again yesterday into the evening. I am ready for some color and sunshine myself. For today, I will continue to enjoy the snow knowing it is only a matter of time. Enjoy the blooms!!

  4. Lovely buds and blooms. We have not had much of a winter here in the Pacific Northwest yet! I’m bracing myself for the end of March since the beginning started like a lamb!

  5. Your flowers have brightened this winter weary day, Linda! we are under yet another winter storm warning and the city is shut down for the 4th time this winter, but we have yet to get snow. I’m hoping this storm will just miss us too and we can get on with Spring!

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