Another Look

tablescapeAs soon as I saw these chargers last week on Must Love Home, I knew I had to have them and was at Michael’s as soon as the doors opened hoping to find them.  Lucky me, not only did I find them, they were on special.

tablescapeWhen I got them home, the first thing I noticed was they were a perfect match for the runner that had been on the table for several days. (No, I don’t change everything from one meal to another.)  

tablescapeAlready, the tulips had been replaced with beautiful orange roses and candles.  Playing off the slight orange in the runner had appeal to me last time around, so it was impossible not to take the contrast between the brilliant pinks and orange a step further.

tablescapeWith all the color on the table, there was little need to add more so white plates were in order. A white napkin, however, was a bit dead so one repeating  the colors in the charger provided a just right touch.

napkinsThe napkin fold, a simple triangle, is held in place with cute little wooden dragonflies. I’m not sure what their real purpose is, but they are a fun alternative to napkin rings.

tablescapeOnce again I can’t resist using the textured pink glassware, this time adding a salad plate.  I do love these pieces, and they are a complement to so many tables.

tablescapeThe finishing touch is multi colored flatware from Ross.  With just a few changes, a table takes on an entirely different look and is ready for the next meal in only a few minutes.

I’m trying a new recipe tonight, so keep your fingers crossed it turns out.  One thing’s for sure: the salmon will look very good on this table!

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30 thoughts on “Another Look

  1. Who is the manufacturer of your beautiful plates? I love them! 🙂 Anything that reminds me of Spring/Summer and flowers!

    1. I’m not sure the manufacturer. The chargers were gotten at Michaels a couple of months ago. Thanks for your visit.

  2. Those pretty plates will make me finish my meal 🙂 …. maybe faster too. 😀

  3. The pink glassware looks so nice with the new pretty chargers, Linda. Love the table runner.
    Have a great week.

  4. Oh my, those chargers are gorgeous! Almost too pretty to cover up. You put together a beautiful table. I’ll tell you, I am so tempted to go and buy some. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. You are right about covering them up. Next time I may use clear plates.

  5. I always enjoy visiting you and your blog to see what new treats you have in store. And a delight with those beautiful plates, a pure delight!

    1. Funny this should come now as I was just looking at your site. I enjoy your writing and your photos and am always glad to know you stop here from time to time.

  6. I really like how you put the candles in those bottles!

    So glad I got to meet you this weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you, Darby, for taking the time to visit. I hope you will come again.

  7. Beautiful table and settings…so glad you were able to get those chargers and then to get them on sale is another bonus…such a happy table to remind us of Spring to come!!

  8. A colorful and pretty table, perfect for springtime that will be arriving soon.

    1. One of the things I like about being in Houston is that spring comes early. Azaleas are beginning to bloom now.

  9. Hi, stay connected with Mustlovehome…I followed you on all social media today. – Christine

  10. I love the way you displayed your new Michael’s chargers. Your table is lovely. I used to have a glass dining table and I never used a runner on it…it looks so good on yours. Also, the clips on your napkins are so cute! Thank you for the credit in your post…it is most aprpeciated! Hugs – Christine

  11. Beautiful, the perfect setting for a nice meal. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

    1. I am grateful to you for providing an opportunity to share.

  12. Beautiful table!!!! Love the new chargers!

  13. Really great chargers, Linda. The “dragon flies”, too. Very festive table indeed! I can just taste the salmon.

  14. I love your pink tablesetting!!

  15. These are so pretty and you can use them year round! I didn’t know Michael’s had dishes…I’ll have to open my eyes!

    Jane x

    1. They are chargers rather than dishes and Michaels often has some good ones that are reasonably priced.

  16. Gorgeous.. great find Linda.. I want some as well! xx hugs j

    1. They were a good find and go with much of what I have.

  17. What a beautiful table setting. Love the dishes!

  18. I want those too! What fabulous chargers! They are so pretty and elegant and how great to get them on special. Those pink goblets and plates are just yummy! I can see using them all the time. Pink is so hard to find too! This just makes me feel like spring!

    1. Glad you like the pink. Those are very old pieces.

  19. Your pink glassware is perfect with the chargers. What a great find – and on special! I love the dragonfly clips…so ready for spring. I’m always shocked at how much I like orange and pink together. That’s not something I normally do (I have very little orange), but I should remember to combo that more often. Love your florals and pretty colors. (BTW, I don’t change runners either, unless I have to. 😉 )

  20. I love your new chargers Linda, they will bring you lots of pleasure and possibilities! Your pink glass pieces are simply stunning, and the salmon is going to sing in this setting!

  21. Everything looks so lovely and inviting…

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