Easy Does It

tablescapeIt’s easy to prepare a table when a beautiful woven silk runner and tulips left from Valentine’s are already there to inspire.

tablescapeLooking in the cupboard for dishes, the fake Fiesta ones offered the most possibility.

tablescapeThe lavender was an obvious choice, but looking again at the runner I saw hints of orange in the stripes where color had merged to create a new tint.

tablescapeThat made the coral plate an interesting addition.

napkinsMixing patterns and textures is something I enjoy, so the multicolored/patterned napkins from Anthropologie were an easy choice.  That store is such a great place to find fun accents and sometimes there’s even something special on the sale rack!

tablescapeI love using these textured pink glasses at every opportunity.  There’s no telling how old they are as they once belonged to my very good friend’s grandmother who would be well past 100.  Needless to say, they are very special treasures. 

bellsFinally, just for fun I added a little bell to each place.  I have such a collection , and I like finding ways to get them off display shelves. 

tablescapeSimple though it is, the table has what for me makes a happy table: color, texture, pattern, whimsy.  Now, if I can just decide what to fix for dinner all will be well!  Any ideas?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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24 thoughts on “Easy Does It

  1. So pretty and I love the personal touch with the little bells.

  2. This table is so charming. I love the combination of colors used, but what I really appreciated was the use of the various bells at each place setting, because that tells me something about you. Our tables should speak for us, I think.

    1. Pattie, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comment.

  3. I love the way you have mixed the colors. Looks great!

  4. Your cupboard sure has some lovely dishes to choose from. I love the color of the runner and the plates look so pretty matched with it.Your glasses are treasures, just beautiful! Love how your table looks. Sorry, no help from me with dinner, I never know what I’m going to have until the last minute………………

    1. True for me, too, and sometimes the meal is inspired by how it will look on the plate!

  5. Great table! I love how you showed us how it came about.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

    1. Thank you, Alma. It was fun seeing how it evolved.

  6. The bells are cute. Love your images and tablescape.

  7. Fiesta dishes do make for a happy table. Thanks for sharing the fun post in the Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. This really is a happy table LuLu. Love your fun bells and the plates are perfect! I recently went to an estate sale that had a huge amount of vintage Fiesta ware. I loved it, but could not start another collection. Plus, it was a bit pricey. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I bought the pretend Fiesta at a garage sale for $10, and that makes it OK for me!

  9. What a beautifully created dinner table setting. Great ideas and love the bells.

    1. Thank you. Best of all it was easy!

  10. Linda, I love the bell idea! Your colors and textures are just fabulous! Blessings, Pam (everydayliving.me)

  11. Linda, You’re a master at mixing color and patterns! Love the whimsy of your sweet bells at each place setting!

  12. Lulu, SNAP!
    I also got red tulips for Valentines… and they look to be the same shade as yours too! I’m enjoying looking at them from my bed they are really beautiful, as are yours 🙂

    Dinner suggestions… hmmm Maybe a chicken / veggie / noodle stir fry with some chopped red chilies to go with your Asian table theme?

    or… a creamy cheesey au gratin dish…, potato slices stacked in layers with cheese and veggies in a deep oven dish, pour in the cream, top with cheese and breadcrumbs and slow cook in the oven until the potato is cooked through. The cream will have become a rich cheesy sauce and whilst you won;t want to know about the calories it’s a heavenly winter treat.

    What ever you cook… bon appetite!

    1. How good to hear from you! Stir fry always works for me so that is a great suggestion. Coincidentally, we just had a dish sounding very much like your au gratin and with a green salad it was perfect.

  13. I love the colour combinations!! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you. As you might guess, I’m crazy for color!

  14. And it is just that….a very beautiful and happy table that just makes you smile. The bells are so cute!…and I must say that your shelves of dishes are so well organized!

  15. Hmm…could that beautiful runner be from SE Asia? Terrific dinner table all around. I’m always wondering where you store all your treasures….especially as they appear to be so accessible to you. Perhaps you should do a blog on clever storage ideas?!?

    1. Indeed so. I struggled with the decision to buy this one, but I’m so glad I did because it is so so beautiful.

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