A Different Pancake

Rockport Harbor/winterOver the years I’ve shared with you photos of Rockport Harbor in winter.  

Rockport Harbor/winterMy visits there during the cold season are just long enough to see ice gathered at the mouth of the harbor

Rockport Harbor/winterand ice floes finding their way out to Penobscot Bay. 

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 508 MASTER
Courtesy of Peter Ralston

There is the occasional fascinating sea smoke

Rockport Harbor/winterand gulls and ducks holding conventions on the ice.

Courtesy of Mark Van Baalen
Courtesy of Mark Van Baalen

Never, however, have I seen anything like this.  As explained by my friend Mark who sent the photo today, this is “pancake ice” which occurs on the ocean when it gets really cold as it has been now for days. The formations are caused by the gentle rocking of the waves which agitates slush and forms rounded blobs with upturned edges.  He explains that this kind of action is far more common in the Arctic than in Rockport Harbor.

Isn’t it fascinating what nature can do?  As interesting as this sight must be, I think I’d rather be in the warmer climes of Houston!  I am grateful to Mark though for sharing this most interesting information.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

23 thoughts on “A Different Pancake

  1. Did you spend lots of time up here this winter?

    1. Not so much. I had intended to be there now but weather in Houston is much better.

      1. TRULY lo

  2. Amazing photos!! But as much as I enjoy looking at them, they also make me very thankful I live in the south!!!

  3. I hope you’re not there in ME now, but rather enjoying warmer temps in Houston. Our river (Kanawha) has ice today, the first time this winter. These pictures you’re sharing and that phenomenon shouldn’t surprise, I suppose, given the conditions in the NE, but yes, they are amazing and I find them entirely fascinating (I just don’t want to be there right now!).

    1. I wouldn’t mind being in Maine for a few days just to take it all in. From photos friends have sent it looks like a wonderland.

  4. I’ve never heard or seen pancake ice! It certainly looks frigid and even too cold for ducks and gulls 🙂

  5. looks like ice lily pads! Very crazy! Love seeing your pictures of the harbor

    1. How right you are! I hadn’t thought of lily pads but now when I look at the photo that is exactly what they look like.

  6. Cute title and great post! Love the photos. (Brrr!)

  7. Amazing! I guess there is a whole lot of amazing that I have not experienced yet!!

  8. Wow….I love the photos…but certainly made me shiver a bit…I have never heard of pancake ice..so interesting…and to think that it has occurred in the harbor is amazing!

    1. Part of me would like to be in Maine to see all of the winter miracles, but most of me is glad to be in Houston.

  9. Very cool — no pun intended. Nature can be most creative. Last year, we experienced unique “snow rollers” — doughnut-like snow balls. Is Mother Nature hungry for breakfast? It’s some number-I-don’t-really-want-to-know below zero here. I read someone on Facebook said they weren’t going outside until the temperature was above their age.I’ll be here a while.

  10. Just watched the box set of Olive Kitteridge which gave me yet another view of Maine….it really does look to be a wonderful place. If you haven’t seen Olive K, then check it out:)

    1. I am reading Stout’s new book The Burgess Boys at the moment. Her views of Maine and its people are quite interesting!

  11. Oh, I am chilled just looking at these frigid pictures! I have never seen the ice shaped like the pancakes either. The sea smoke was gorgeous too, but I would rather see it in pictures! I am too cold blooded!!

  12. Wow! Those Pancake Ice are unique and amazing! Nature is full of surprise. Beautiful and dramatic images of nature’s changes and landscape. The sea smoke image got my attention too. Breathtaking! Thanks.

    1. Not the same sights we see on the Gulf Coast.

  13. I look so cold! I have never seen snow from nearby! The photo of the sea smoke is my favourite!

  14. I almost feel guilty for having tolerable weather.

  15. I have never seen anything like this! Thanks for sharing this! I am glad I am not there however. It is cold enough here in Pa. 9 degrees right now:(

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