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It didn’t take me too many years to figure out that Valentine’s wasn’t something the hubby thought about in advance which generally meant a last minute invite to dinner.  Now you’d think that in a city the size of Houston it wouldn’t be a problem finding a place to eat.  Not so!  On Valentine’s every place is full with the possible exception of McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s, none of which provide the kind of nice romantic evening a girl anticipates.

Rather than go through the hassle year after year, it seemed a good idea to have  Plan B, an evening at home to relieve the stress on both the hubby and me.  That has now evolved to including another couple whose experience is much the same as ours, and the result is a most enjoyable evening of good food with good friends. 

Linda  042From year to year, the table has subtle changes.  This time around it began with red placemats crocheted by my mother in law, a great reminder of the mom the hubby loved so well.

Linda  051 (1)Next are added simple white plates, a find at TJ Maxx, and white napkins knotted and fluffed to resemble a bow.

ValentineWhite is a perfect background for the heart shaped plates and bowls purchased years ago on sale at Williams Sonoma.  Sometimes I think about getting new pieces, but there’s something about pulling out the old stand bys that generates a feeling of tradition.

tablescapeThe grocery had a wonderful selection of flowers today which inspired  me to put a little vase at each place.

tablescapeIt’s that kind of touch that for me makes setting a table something special.

tablescapeThe place settings were complete, but I had given no thought to a centerpiece.  As I was scratching my head trying to come up with something I remembered the wonderful paper lampshades given me by my friend Leslie.    Getting them to stay put on the glasses was a bit of a challenge until I thought to turn the glasses upside down.  Perfect!  I put an LED candle on each stem so when it came time for dinner there would be a soft glow on the table and no flame to catch the paper on fire!

tablescapeAll done I’m prepared for a Valentine’s dinner just in case the hubby has forgotten to make other arrangements.  If he has, well, the table is set for another time.

Linda  054For him and for you, here’s a heartfelt wish for a day filled with love.

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30 thoughts on “Just in Case

  1. Himself also has difficulty remembering that Valentine’s might be a date he should be remembering… and we both hate the commercialism and inflated prices so we do our Valentines Day on any day (that we arrange) except Feb 14th 🙂

    We don’t generally do a restaurant dinner either, I might just notice that Himself is looking at buying something but put it back because it’s more than he wants to spend on himself, or he will show me something he really likes on the internet… then I just get it for him and when it arrives I say “for my Valentine”…

    …and he does the same.Other than that he might surprise me with flowers any day of the year, or tell me that he’s doing the washing up and I can sit with my foot up… small things like that that is really appreciated. I do the same visa versa for him too of course.

    Doing what makes you happy keeps you happy. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s with your Valentine.

  2. Your paper shades over your glasses for soft lighting at your table is brilliant Linda! Your collection of delicate stems are beautiful too 🙂

  3. Lulu, love your table and the centerpiece is so very clever! Hubby and I no longer eat out on Valentines for that same reason. We shared a delicious fondue together. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. The Valentine’s table is beautiful!…and what a great idea to place those adorable shades on the glasses!…A great evening to stay in and enjoy each other’s company!…

  5. I agree, it gets insane on Valentine’s Day! What pretty colorful heart dishes! It makes it more relaxed and fun!

  6. Love is in the air…romantic setting and ambiance. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Absolutely lovely table! I’m crazy about your idea with the shades and stemware: do you know where I could find cute shades like that? I hope you don’t mind my using the idea. It’s the cutest I’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  8. Hi Lulu,
    What a lovely and cheery table you’ve set! It’s so nice that you and friends have this tradition. Everything tastes better when served up so prettily. We eat with our eyes, too, don’t we.
    Thank you for stopping by to visit me earlier and for your sweet comment. Glad to have found you! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. EnJOY!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    1. Indeed we do eat with our eyes and I like that you made that distinction.

  9. Very lovely…those lamps are great!

  10. I’m rooting for staying in! You’ve set a beautiful table, and why get out there in the crowds? I know hubby needs to get on the stick and remember to make reservations in advance, but even so…the restaurants are full of people and there’s such substandard service because of it. Staying in with your hubby and another couple sounds perfect to me! It’s the way to enjoy yourselves to the fullest without being rushed out because other people are waiting!!! 🙂 And I KNOW that whatever you cook will be restaurant quality!!!

    The lampshades on the glasses make a really unique centerpiece. I’ll bet they really look pretty with the glowing light!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband!!! I hope you enjoy it no matter what you do!

  11. Very very very neat idea on the lampshades. Pinterest worthy! 😀 And ow, we have the same plates, plain white square plates.

  12. Everything is so lovely. Your dishes are divine. I really love the place mats. They are not only beautiful but a wonderful sentiment as well. Glad I found you o Tablescape’s Thursday. Valerie (candlelightsupper2.blogspot.com)

  13. Cute Cute Cute Lulu! Love the upturned glasses with the lampshades and led candles, just brilliant! You will have a lovely time!

  14. So smart to start this great tradition instead of fighting the crowds and the disappointment of last minute inspirations. Everything looks fabulous!

  15. I love how you placed the shades! You’ve got my wheels turning for making paper shades for future tables. Your TJM hearts are wonderfully colorful…my TJM only had 2 remaining. Love the bow-tied napkins. There’s no reason to break with tradition with your plates…they’re lovely.

  16. Gorgeous, as always! Happy V Day.

  17. Love this beautiful table setting! 🙂

  18. Beautiful!

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻


  19. So many SWEET ideas here and the best is having a nice dinner at home with another couple. We are in the same situation here in Chicago, all the great restaurants are booked up well in advance. And in reality, my husband and I rarely hold hands across the table and stare into each others eyes!

    Jane x

  20. Aw this is so sweet – love how you decorated the table setting.

  21. With that setting I would want to stay home!!! I love the idea of the lanterns on the glasses. So creative and those placemats…what a treasure!!!! Tina

  22. Your table is full of love! The crocheted placemats by your MIL are such a nice sentimental part of the table. I like the idea you came up with for the shades on the glasses and the little vases with flowers. Our area isn’t too bad for going out on Valentine’s Day but a lot of our restaurants won’t take reservations which is aggravating so if we want a spot for sure we call the ones that do take them. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  23. The wine glass lamps are pure genius! Completely borrowing this idea – thanks!

  24. Your table and words as always are beautiful!

  25. Love those glasses with shade. So clever!!

  26. I’ve never enjoyed going out on Valentine’s Day. It’s so crowded, and everything seems so forced. Hardly romantic. My husband and I, too, have taken to more quiet and private evenings. But, I must say, having you prepare the table would be heavenly and so special.

  27. These look even nicer than the decor at most restaurants! Very impressive. For those who elect to spend the evening at home, I have a few suggestions of romantic movies that guys will also find entertaining. http://mychicksflicks.com/2015/02/11/9-chick-flicks-that-guys-wont-hate/
    See what you think.

  28. Lovely tablescape!

  29. A very beautiful table setting!

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