French + Country

French/farmhouse decorThough she is now living the country life, my daughter’s home still reflects her love for all things French.

French/farmhouse decorShelves are lined with beautifully bound books, old and new.

French/farmhouse decorPackets of old letters are on desk tops.

French/farmhouse decorWood finishes have been transformed to better fit the decor.  Interestingly, I bought this piece in a Tennessee antique store some years ago, hauled it to Texas and here it is back in Tennessee.

French/farmhouse decorArmoires hold loved treasures as well as provide much needed storage.

French/farmhouse decorNow, however, there are new farmhouse touches that blend right in.  Chandeliers reflect a combination of style

French/farmhouse styleas does a zinc topped farm table  paired with linen covered chairs and a rustic bench.

French/farmhouse decorA fun find perfect for both styles is this rustic shelf from Target.  Amazing what can be found there!

French/farmhouse decorAlongside a basket filled with French linens are reminders that life has moved from Texas to Tennessee.

French/farmhouse decorThe same can be said for farm fresh eggs on the counter.  You wouldn’t have found those in Houston!

Linda  066While inside French meets country quite comfortably, one thing that is totally country is the muddy boots outside every door.

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22 thoughts on “French + Country

  1. I love your daughter’s style Linda and the marriage of French and Country! I do half of my grocery shopping at Super Target weekly which is dangerous for me with all their fun stuff 🙂 Love that shelf for storage for her bath!

    1. If anybody could find treasures at Target, it would be you!

  2. What a beautiful home…thank you for giving us a tour.

  3. It’s always fun to see your own home through someone else’s eyes. And of course, through your creative view of things! {I’ve never seen my sitting room through a fisheye lens!} xo

  4. I love love love this! Everything looks authentic, wooden and the rustic looks of metals with all the nice touches. She’s got the taste!

    1. She does and you are right to be appreciative of her taste.

  5. Your daughter’s home is beautiful. Her furniture pieces are lovely, and even the boots add to the country charm – a wink at the reality of her country life. Thanks for sharing her spaces!

  6. French and country make a beautiful marriage, your daughter has wonderful taste and style~

  7. How lovely! 🙂

    Those books are gorgeous. I’ve seen those particular editions in my local bookstore and I’m always tempted to buy a few, simply because they look so lovely.

  8. Loved the tour. Your daughter is quite talented and love the blending of styles. What great finds and creative ways to incorporate them into the decor.

  9. So many lovely things to look at in your daughter’s home. Love the mix of styles!

  10. I WANT one of those “biscuit and gravy” signs!!! Oh, my gosh! I love that! I’m a biscuits and gravy girl all the way and I love my husband to pieces, so that sign would be perfect in our house!!! What a great find! In fact, there are a ton of terrific finds in her house! I love all the armoires! So chic!!! That piece that traveled back and from between Texas and Tennessee is gorgeous, too. Very unique with the scalloped cutout in front!

    The old letters tied together is a beautiful touch. I have some old letters that my Dad wrote to my Grandmother way back in the 30s. I used to have them on our secretary, but I have recently had them framed. When I saw the “RR #4” on your daughter’s collection, it reminded me of those letters Daddy wrote. Makes me sniffle.

    Target is really stepping up its game! I haven’t been shopping in months, so now I’m upset about what I’m missing out on!!!!!

    Terrific tour! Your daughter – not unlike her Mother – has wonderful taste!!

    1. The cabinet from Tennessee never really fit my house, but I couldn’t resist the glass. My taste is never about style, it’s about what grabs me for whatever reason.

  11. I so admire your daughter’s home in Tennessee and the one she had in Houston…her style and taste is impeccable and I thank you so much for showing us some peeks of her home and her gorgeous vignettes and snipits of French meeting Country…..

    1. She does a great job, and I am amazed at what she accomplishes without spending a lot of $$$$. That’s a special skill.

  12. Lovely photography, L.!

  13. Beautiful! I love the time worn look of every piece!

    Jane x

  14. Beautiful decorating ideas!

  15. Is she from French Ancestry? I guess I should look for ways to reflect my Irish roots in my decor, a sod roof perhaps, LOL.
    It’s funny, I don’t see French when I see your pics, I see a warm and comfortable home. When I think of my son’s lovely home, it reflects a happy place for their 5 children to grow up. I am not a decorator, I know a few bloggers have a degree in interior design. I couldn’t say what style I decorate in, but it is not dictated by what’s in, or a certain style. I like to think it is comfortable and inviting, def not modern, I guess traditional, like me! :).

    1. No French ancestors to my knowledge, but this gal fell in love with French, especially Provence, inspired things as a teenager. You accurately see her home as warm and comfortable, a characteristic I totally admire no matter what the style.

  16. Wonderful zinc topped table…superb…and some pretty damn nice armoires to boot:)

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