WPC: Scale

Wreck of the Polias  Jamie Wyeth
Wreck of the Polias Jamie Wyeth

Sometimes we feel so big when in reality we are quite small.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Weekly Photo Challenge


14 thoughts on “WPC: Scale

  1. Very nice shot in response to the “scale” prompt!

  2. Love this capture! :).

  3. Great photo for this challenge!

  4. Wonderful image and quote!

  5. Lovely depiction of the theme! This morning, I just finished reading a biography of Rosa Parks by Douglas Brinkley and now know that the reverse is also true: Sometimes we feel so small when in reality we are quite big!!! 🙂

    My very best to you.

    1. I agree that big and little can go both ways. I will have to read the book you mention.

      1. It is a wonderful biography of a humble, quiet woman who simply changed the world. I highly recommend it. Please let me know what you think of it!

  6. This is a fantastic photo and how true!!

  7. What an interesting photo. Sort of reminds me of the wind farms I’ve come upon unexpectedly while driving through Idaho and eastern Washington. Fantastic for the challenge!

  8. Perfect, love it…and the words that goes with it. And yes, Linda, I do remember that you love colour. 😉 xx

  9. Those dogs are looking a little intimidated.

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