A Big Thanks

Storybook CottageI want to give Kim Leggett at City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee a big thank you for sharing my post Storybook Cottage on her Facebook page.  As it turns out she is the talent behind all the magic touches in the cottage.  Also, talk about small world she is acquainted with my daughter who now lives on a  farm in Franklin.

City Farmhouse has lots of FB followers which translated into a big day for Lulu’s Musings.  What I learned from this is that sharing can be beneficial for everyone, and I am going to follow Kim’s unselfish example as I figure out how best to link to posts that relate to subjects that appear here.   If you have helpful suggestions about sharing, do tell.

In the meantime, take a look at City Farmhouse.  Those of you who like farmhouse and French country styles are sure to find much to whet your appetite.  And, if you are in the Franklin area June 19-20 or October 16-17, Kim presents City Farmhouse Pop Up shows that are a delight.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

2 thoughts on “A Big Thanks

  1. Lulu…I will definitely have a look at Kim’s blog. I wanted to email you to tell you I immediately followed the link to the place you stayed at in Franklin. My husband and I have talked about a trip there for so long. Once I saw the rest of the pictures of the cottages and the super rates…well, we are putting together some plans for the fall. Thank YOU!!!!

    Jane x

  2. That Storybook Cottage is amazing and now I can see her magic talents in that cottage…amazing cottage!….

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