WPC: Express Yourself

Linda  093Give a child a piece of paper and some colors and he creates with total abandon.  How I wish we could hold onto the uninhibited child that was once in all of us and express so freely!  


Weekly Photo Challenge


9 thoughts on “WPC: Express Yourself

  1. So true! And how proud they always are of their creations. We could use a bit of that too 😃

    1. When is it we start being so aware that we lose our child’s eyes?

  2. Hi Lulu, love this kind os expression, kids always know better!

    1. There is a certain freedom that comes with being a child.

  3. Beautiful my friend. Sometimes, I do ask myself that too but I think we all can still create and see the world through an eyes of a child, we just seek our inner childhood and remember the simplest things that made us happy.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It would be nice to always be able to reclaim our inner child.

  4. Huh? Very true. Us adults would have an impossible task of completely having free, no-standards, untainted and unabashed childlike mind.

  5. We have so many of these drawings…some of them by my son…yes, I saved many and then by my granddaughter who loves to put them on my hubby’s office bulletin board…Love the sentiment that you made about the drawing…..so true.

  6. Many are sooooooooooooo much better than what you see in a bunch of galleries! Thank you for sharing with us.

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