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Guns, Gowns and Beer

Maine is a big state with lots of small towns, many too small to justify a real supermarket.  Instead, there are general stores that provide basic staples and sometimes much more.  

Hussey's/MaineBecause they are so different from what I am used to in Houston, I can’t resist stopping and checking them out, and on this cold winter day Hussey’s in Windsor got my attention.  I have to tell you it tops them all!

Hussey's/MaineWedding gowns….really?  Yep, and they hang right next to stacks of jeans!

Hussey'sThe selection is far greater than you might imagine and when asked if they sold very many, the question was met with a laughing response, “Honey, we are so busy right now we can’t take any more orders for summer weddings.”

Hussey's/MaineAs the sign outside promises, there’s a huge selection of guns.  Could there be some connection between them and weddings?

Hussey'sLet me tell you, there’s a lot of everything here ranging from a collection of books you haven’t seen in years to collectible LPs to worms and crawlers and, oh yes, plenty of foodstuffs.

Hussey's1Looking for a special treasure or memorabilia?  Well, that’s here, too.

Hussey's/MaineI’m not sure about this space.  Maybe they just gave up trying to keep track of everything in the store!

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26 thoughts on “Guns, Gowns and Beer

  1. What I want to know is: Could you keep a straight face when you asked if they sold many wedding gowns and then their response? It brought giggles to me!! Have a wonderful day, Carol

  2. Priceless! My grandfather in South Carolina had a general store a lot like that at one time. They even had a building where they made coffins that were sold in the store. Don’t know if they sold wedding dresses or not!!

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