Sea Smoke

When I am in Maine, as soon as my eyes open I look to see what’s going on on the harbor.  No matter the season, there’s always something that gets my attention.

winter/sea smokeLast week, for the first time I saw sea smoke which is a fog over the water caused by very cold temperatures.  As soon as I realized what it was I grabbed my camera and stepped outside, barefooted and in PJs.  Can you guess I’m not used to winter?

winter/sea smokeThe sight accented by early morning light was beautiful, and once again I was in awe of the magic of nature.

winter/sea smokeSince it was so cold, there was ice on the harbor, and several of the floes had a convention of gulls on them.  I couldn’t help but wonder if their feet were encased in the ice or if they were just enjoying the ride.

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 508 MASTERWhile I was happy to have my very own photos of sea smoke, take a look at these to get a feel of how it looked from the mouth of the harbor.

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 188 MASTERThanks to my friend and talented photographer Peter Ralston for allowing me to use his beautiful shots.

Yes, winter is full of wonder, and while I’m happy to have a few days of it I have to confess to being glad not to have to endure its length in the cold north!

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36 thoughts on “Sea Smoke

  1. Thanks for filling my heart with Winter’s Beauty! Feels great!!! We often see the “sea fog” on Lake Lanier in N Ga.

  2. What makes you think those who are used to winter don’t venture onto the deck in bare feet? I do it all the time, much to the dismay of other used to winter friends! Lol
    Beautiful pics. I saw the same fog here on the harbor last week.
    You are blessed that you can experience winter a few days then escape. I think half of Long Island has left for FL. Very quiet here! But that’s nice too.

    • It was quiet in Maine, too. Like you, I enjoy it. Why am I not surprised to learn that you are a barefoot in the cold person! My problem was my feet stuck to the boards. It was -9!

  3. Thanks for sharring this on the pinning post at Texas Women Bloggers…cause that means I don’t have to ask to pin this! Gorgeous!

    I love Maine. We spent a few summers there when I was a teen, with my Grandma and Aunt and Uncle.

    It wasn’t cold enough to do this while we are there. I have seen this before…I was thinking it was when I was on the boat (lived on a boat actually in California until I was 10), but if it’s caused by cold I didn’t think it got that cold there…then I remembered where I saw it. After living on the boat we moved to the mountains, and I’ve seen that sort of fog on Lake Arrowhead. Thanks for bringing me back…to all sorts of places.

  4. linda,
    just beautiful but i am surprised you’ve never seen it before. i sure am glad you were able to now and share it with all of us. stay warm!

  5. In winter, there are times when it gathers itself together is great floating clouds, hovering just above the water and partially obscuring the Bay. The beauty of it can take your breadth away.

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