Rockport Harbor/winter Winter, a time of icy cold

Rockport Harbor/winter/sunsetand early evening sunsets looming low beyond leafless trees, opening views to the sea.

Rockport Harbor/winter/lobster boats
Winter, a time when lobster boats are silent

Rockport Harbor/winterand a lonely craft waits for spring.

dirt road winterWinter, a time of sparkling beauty,

wintersnowshoes and cold noses.

What is winter to you?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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35 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Lovely Lulu! Winter is in full force here in MN!!

    1. I bet you are even colder than we are here on the coast of Maine.

  2. You look like it’s fun, but it’s not for me 🙂 I can’t believe a boat can survive being in those waters all winter~

    1. I take winter in very small doses, Jenna.❄️

  3. I like your snowy pictures. Sadly, I don’t have snow here……

    1. I experience real winter only a few days each year which is why it thrills me so.

  4. Oh, it was 17 when I got up this morning. That is very cold for lower Alabama.

  5. It is a winter wonderland there for sure. Beautiful pics. Love you in snow shoes. We did a lot of cross country skiing years ago and wonder if I could still do it. I did my share of downhill and cross country during the five years we lived in Alaska. Don’t need to tell you how long ago that was!!

    For some reason I thought you were back home. Anyway, enjoy.

    1. Back in Maine fir my winter fix. Return to houston tomorrow provided the weather doesn’t worsen.

  6. Great pictures and a whole lot of snow…

  7. Lovely shot of the lobster boats, Lulu….it’s like that around the Ile de Re near us….tres triste:)

  8. Burrrr!!! Love your snow shoes! How far can you walk in them? It looks like it might be as awkward as trying to walk in swim fins or flippers.

    1. They are a real workout. I can do about half of the dirt road.

  9. Beautiful! Was in the DC area in November and it was pretty cold but would love to see it in winter! I live near the Rocky Mountains so winters here can be pretty spectacular too!

    1. Winter offers many different kinds of beauty doesn’t it?

  10. Winter has been magnified since we moved from Southern California to the Seattle area. We finally have a small taste of winter. Other parts of the country experience it in more severe ways. I’m happy to enjoy it in less severe ways…

    1. I spend some time in Maine during the winter just to get a taste of it, but I must confess to liking winter in Houston much better.

  11. It’s so beautiful and how wonderful that you get out and enjoy the snow… You love all the seasons of Maine..Ski on….

    1. Indeed, I do, but a little winter goes a long way!

  12. Gorgeous photos, Lulu. I sometimes wish I could expetience a real winter. ⛄️

    1. I grew up in Florida and have lived most of my adult life in Houston, so winter is still a novelty to me.

  13. You’re obviously just a kid at heart when you get out in the snow in your snowshoes! 🙂

  14. Awesome. I also saved a couple of winter posts in my drafts folder yesterday. I don’t like the cold, wet winter, but I do like winter photography.

  15. Nothing like a cold Maine winter, all quiet with the white stuff and void of visitors – this is the way life should be. Beautiful photographs Lulu and Happy New Year!

  16. My first thoughts of winter always turn to cozy nights with the woodstove lighting the room snuggled in with my family. Those nights are rare with the kids sports activities which make them even more special. Then of course there is our pond for ice skating, snowmobile rides around the Island, snow man making, shoveling (yes I like to shovel), and rest from the frantic gardening and canning of the summer!!

    Your pictures are all so beautiful!! Tina

  17. Beautiful photos and beautiful prose!…Other than being cold, I think winter is a great time to reflect, nest, and slow down the pace of life and enjoy the beauty around you…the beauty of the snowy branches and the sparkling snow….then when you enjoy those moments for a bit…you head south!!! 🙂

    1. Yes, a little winter goes a long way. Over the long haul, I prefer the mildness of Houston.

  18. Lulu, beautiful pictures

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment.

  19. Lulu, your winter time pictures are so beautiful and I loved the last one with your snow shoes on. You can sure get a work out walking atop the snow with these..
    Take care and happy blogging to ya….

    1. The first time I put on snowshoes I was amazed at how much of a workout I got.

  20. You are so cute! I love the photos! ♥

  21. Winter is …. Beautiful looking outside from a warm toasty house cuddled up with a good book and hot chocolate!!!! Hugs, Carol


    1. How right you are which is why I spend much time in front of the fire reading!

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