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Simple Touches

Linda  064Walking up to my friend Pam’s front door, I could almost smell and taste Christmas. I know that inside it will be cheerful and that she will have added her special creative touches to every room.

Christmas decorFirst thing I notice is her mantel (remember I have mantel envy) which is a repeat of the garland treatment at the front door.  In an understated way, it gives the room a perfect holiday feel.

Christmas decorNext, my eye is drawn to a table top where there is a wonderful painted gourd surrounded by a bowl of clementines and a vase of dried hydrangeas.  Again, so simple, effectively demonstrating that less is more.

Linda  059As we move to the kitchen where Pam is preparing for company, a little Christmas tree surrounded by packages stops me.  Somehow its smallness   seems so right.

Christmas tableThere’s never a time when Pam’s table is lacking, and her guests tonight are in for a treat. She has cleverly arranged an assortment of elements to create a centerpiece that is a winter potpourri.

tablescapeEach setting combines seasonal green, red and white,

tablescapecolors that are repeated differently in the table runner.

Christmas tableWhat I like about being in this home is that from the front door to the kitchen, everything ties together in a style that is most warm and cozy.  Even the color on the walls seems to say Merry Christmas!

Don’t you admire people who, without a lot of fuss, can make everything seem just right?  What a wonderful skill that is and this gal has it in spades!

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23 thoughts on “Simple Touches

  1. I want Pam’s house!!!!! Ours is a Colonial style like hers, but we don’t have the brick or the portico, but the basic styling is quite similar. I love the wreaths she put out to greet you for the season! We didn’t get to do that this year with my bad health and subsequent reluctance to have Ramon shimmying up a ladder without me being able to hold it. Next year….

    That Pam sure has the decorating gene!!! I think I remember you showcasing her house some months ago for a party? She knows how to put it all together, and if she does it in what is at least a seemingly effortless way, that makes it all the better. That shows she knows what she’s doing and that she truly enjoys it!

    I know you have mantel envy, and hers is beautifully decked out. She set a mean table, too!!!

    Merry Christmas, sweet Linda! I know you will be blessed!

  2. Your friend really does have a lovely home Lulu! Very festive and inviting. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Have a Merry Christmas!

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