Mantel Envy

Christmas decorFor days I’ve been seeing great ideas for decorating mantels for the holidays, and I confess to having serious mantel envy.

Christmas decorI mean, who wouldn’t like to go all out and do something fun like this?   Such is not easy at my house.

Christmas decorYou see, my mantel is little more than a ledge, and the wall above it soars to a height of more than 20 feet.  Architecturally, it is dramatic but when it comes to decorating, the mantel is a real challenge.

christmas decorAfter unsuccessfully trying several ideas, my best effort used gold mesh scrunched up and tied with ribbon.

Christmas decorSince there’re no ends for it to hang off of, the mesh is anchored with a variety of glass finials and sparkly gold trees.  

Christmas decorFather Christmas becomes part of the mix and stands guard beneath the chimney waiting patiently to alert us to the sound of tiny hoofbeats on the roof.

Christmas decorAs I look down from above, I wonder if the trees might look better if the tapestry were taken down, but, hey, that involves an extension ladder and I’m not going there!  Maybe the easier solution would be to have something laying flatter on the ledge. 

I need help, so tell me, what would you do with this challenging mantel?

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27 thoughts on “Mantel Envy

  1. Lulu, quick go change your post! It is M A N T E L

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  2. 2 words: Command hooks! You can anchor a lush garland by wrapping the greens around the hooks, then add embellishments to the garland! Hope this helps!!

    1. I had to Google command hooks to see what they were. They definitely could be useful.🎄

  3. I think it looks very nice!! I wish I could offer some advice but I unfortunately have not a crafty or decorating bone in my body!!!

  4. Wellll, since you asked…I might paint an accent color in that cubby part or tile a beautiful opalescent tile there or even a beautiful tall gilded gold mirror (after you painted the accent colour )there. Or what about wood planks?? You need a focal point. Looks like it’s a tall wall but I’m not sure we see the entire height? But I do love the trees etc there 😉

    1. Wow, you are full of good ideas. It’s fun to see through another persons eyes.🎄

  5. Being a purist (and a guy), I could not help but notice that the decorations, while nice, do take away the fireplace’s ability to perform the function for which they were intended… to have a fire. Just sayin’.

    1. Now if it would just get cold enough to have a fire!

  6. I LOVE it the way it is, Linda. The height above the fireplace is simply dramatic and I LOVE it. That ribbon is simply magical. I also love the gold mesh tied with that beautiful red ribbon.

  7. Lulu, from one one mantel decorator to another…it is beautiful!

    1. And what do you do to yours?🎄

      1. If you go to my Instagram, my mantel scape is on there. I made a winter scene this year.

  8. You know what I think? It’s just perfect!

  9. I like it as is…
    My mantel envy goes to the very basic…I have no mantel at all. We have been talking about adding one for a few years now. Maybe 2015 will be the year!

  10. Pure lines….with that touch of modern Christmas trees….I like it!

  11. I can see many 6-8″ snowflakes handing vertically, filling in the whole tall niche. This would involve the ladder though.
    And around the fireplace, some life size fabric elk.

    1. I like it. How about i hand you the snowflakes and you climb the ladder?

  12. I like it just the way it is… Simple and classy… The other two were pretty, but way too loaded for my taste…

    1. I also lean toward simple, but i would like to have a little more mantel.

  13. I think it looks great! Very tasteful and pretty.

  14. I think it looks fabulous, and doesn’t fight with your art~ I have a friend that widened her mantel by placing another, wider piece of wood on top for holiday decorating~

  15. Beautiful Mantel….and there are certainly great mantels for us to have gotten the “envy bug”…I have used the 3M Command Hooks for years and they are great!…I have them on my mantel as we speak…they are holding up the garland.

  16. Well, you certainly got a potpourri of opinions! It’s fun to open up a discussion! I love both the minimalist and maximalist looks. Just depends on the day and how my mood is running. So the mantels you showed, including your own, all look terrific to me. I like yours with the artwork that is already in place. It turns your decorations into an embellishment rather than a whole big ta-doo. If you wanted a while big ta-doo, though, I love the idea of the various sizes and lengths of snowflakes. With having to get a gigantic ladder out,though, i vote to keep it minimalist! I agree with whoever mentioned dangling a few bits off the side using Command hooks. That could be the extra “oomph” you’re looking for without doing an aerial act! 😄

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