Ideas Aplenty

Christmas decorIf you want to get lots of ideas for holiday decor, drive around your neighborhood or go on a home tour to see what others are doing.  That’s what I did this weekend, and it was a real eye opener.  Some people must spend weeks readying their homes while others are happy with simpler statements.

WreathsWreaths, suspended on doors and sconces, are common to holiday decor.  Each one of these is different in style but share the use of natural elements.

GarlandsGarlands abound inside and out, and whether simple or fancy, they make such a statement about the home.

ChandeliersIn some homes, chandeliers become more than a source of light during the season.  I have none so it is fascinating to me to see how they transform into works of art.

As much as I appreciate the elaborate decorations, I must confess to being more drawn to those understated creations that I can actually imagine doing myself.

Christmas decor

What could be simpler than an evergreen surrounded by a few sprayed pine cones

Christmas decoror a container filled with flocked ones?

Christmas decorTrees, adorned only with white lights, add such friendly welcome to a porch (yes, those are azaleas blooming in December)

Christmas decoras do red ribboned reindeer bearing a load of poinsettias.

Christmas decorNo ordinary mailbox is this but it becomes part of the season festooned with red and green and with its backdrop of richly colored cyclamen.

Christmas decorNo holiday decor would be complete without nutcrackers

Christmas decorand Santas and oh what a treat it is to see them presented in such fun ways.

I can tell you that after seeing all this, I felt a real need to go home and decorate, but then I got to thinking about having to put stuff away after the holidays and thought maybe not!  Well, maybe a little…..

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14 thoughts on “Ideas Aplenty

  1. I definitely spend weeks preparing for Christmas in and around the house. It helps to get inspiration from the homes of others in the neighborhood!

    Azaleas blooming in December!!! What a treat!!!

    Such beautiful ideas for decorating outdoors!!! I wish my stupid health would let me do that this year! You’ve provided a TON of inspiration!!!

  2. Great ideas, Lulu. Love the giant nutcracker. 🙂

  3. Ahh yes…the putting away. I was trying not to think about that.

  4. I used to help decorate homes for Christmas tours. This post brings back a number of memories. There are some great ideas here. I liked the porch trees. Wind can be a problem for them though if not properly secured.

  5. Back in the day, not so long ago when my house was on tour for Christmas, I went over the top…chandys elaborately decorated, etc…but now I am loving just enhancing what I have and less trees too!!….That home is gorgeous….Always great to see and admire, but like you said, who wants to put it all away….been there done that!!

  6. fun fun, I haven’t been on a holiday house tour in years, but there are plenty in blogland! Love all the chandys~

  7. I love that simple evergreen tree and the pine cones, too, Linda. I definitely know how you feel about decorating for the holidays that will soon be OVER!!

  8. Fabulous ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful tour, Lulu. Florida State’s unbeaten record, Wow!!! 🙂

  10. Wow, these ideas are fantastic, Linda! Thanks for sharing them. I’m like you…needing and wanting to do new things, but it’s the put-away-into-storage that stops me in my tracks!

  11. It takes me AGES to get all of my Christmas decor up, but maybe it is the 5 year old that is helping me with her own decorating ideas. Beautiful ideas! 🙂

  12. I love holiday home tours, also. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with all of us! Hope you and your family have the merriest!!!!!

  13. Some marvelous ideas here .. thanks Linda.. I take this time to wish you a great festive season.. may all the bubbly you enjoy be sparkly – Merry merry Christmas.. enjoy a special one.. and all the very best for 2015.. here’s hoping we get to go on a tour together.. somewhere.. anywhere.. xx Jean

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