Moving On!

No sooner do we get through Thanksgiving than we have to move right into the holidays with an entirely different decor.  I know some of you are already ahead of the game, but I just can’t get started with Christmas until we’ve polished off the turkey!

Christmas tree 1For our first holiday table, I decided to get a little crafty and wrap cones with diminishing lengths of fabric cut on the bias, sewn together and finished with decorative stitching.  All done they are funky little trees in not so traditional colors that are better suited to our Houston home.  On the table, they are going to nestle on open weave muslin mimicking the softness of fresh fallen snow, not something we are likely to have!

Christmas tablePlaying off the black in one of the fabrics,  I’m using chargers so dark green they appear almost black,

Christmas tablea nice contrast for white plates.

Christmastable2Now comes the fun part.  I found stems and salad plates at Pier One that are not only playful but have similar off tones of red and green.

Christmas tableCranberry napkins trimmed in gold are gathered into napkin rings that remind of presents and ornaments.  So far so good, and the setting is complete except for the flatware.  

Christmas table3Deciding on flatware was a bit of a challenge, but I couldn’t resist using this bought last year at Ross.  Yes, it is the more traditional red and green, but it blends and adds an unexpected touch that I always like on a table.

Christmas tree 2The combination of color and texture on the table is satisfactory, but something’s missing.  The center is kinda blah with nothing but the muslin beneath the trees, and I kept scratching my head wondering how to give it a little pop.  A forgotten bag of ornaments provided just the right answer.

Christmas tableAll done, the table, with a fanciful flair in keeping with its surroundings, is ready for the first dinner of the season. 

Modani tableIf it were possible to have the perfect table for every tablescape, this time I’d replace my glass topped one with the Philippe design from Modani, a very fun line of modern furniture.  The style is modern without being too sleek, and the deep black tone is a great background for the colors I have used. Too, the legs remind me of icicles hanging from eaves.  Hey, you have to have let your inner child run away when you are creating!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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26 thoughts on “Moving On!

  1. Oh, YES, my husband has been following the Seminoles! It was an exciting game last night, to say the least. I worried that his blood pressure went up to 300 when GT got the ball the last few minutes of the game. Thank God, FSU won 🙂 🙂

  2. love this so much and your flatware is truly on my favorite things list! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I will be featuring your lovely table on Monday. Hugs!

    1. Well thank you, Katherine!😍

  3. I’d like to take my inner child, sit her down, and give her a good talking to sometimes! She just runs wild in the streets!!! 🙂

    I love it that you let your creative inner child out to play with those fabric-wrapped cone trees! That’s something I never would have thought to do, but it makes so much sense! What a fun look!

    If I could pick just the right table and chairs for every tablescape I create, I’d have an IKEA-sized warehouse of table and chairs!!!!!

  4. What a reat sense of color and pattern on your table. So lovely and fanciful. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jane @ Atticmag

  5. Lulu, I love your fantasy of which table you would use! I would love that table too. Mine for Christmas would be one that I could put 18 people around! Wouldn’t that be fabulous?
    Those plates are just yummy and the glasses and flatware are so filled with color and fun. I adore it all!!!!

  6. I love going to Pier 1, even if it’s only to look. Beautiful table settings, Lulu. 🙂

  7. You always create such happy tables!

    Enjoy the season!

  8. Love this Lulu. I love the colors that you used, especially the cone trees! Have fun enjoying that setting!

  9. Fun and festive! I hope you have a lovely Christmas. 🙂

  10. I love the trees Lulu and that silverware is just so fun!

  11. I love the tablescape. The pictures make me want to try my hand at creating an interesting holiday tablescape.

  12. I love those salad plates. So festive and fun. Your trees are colorful and creative too.

  13. I love the handmade cones – a great idea !

    1. They were fun to do and used up some of the scraps I have in abundance.

  14. So whimsical!! I agree and do the same…no Christmas until after Thanksgiving!!

  15. This Christmas table made me smile. It is so fun…just like the person who set it. 😀

  16. Fun and beautiful setting, Lulu! I love the glass plates 🙂

  17. I love the table! And your Christmas glass plates are really pretty…Christine

  18. Very pretty! Happy Holidays.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I so enjoy your posts and decorating ideas.

  19. What a delightful table!

    1. Thank you, Alana, both for visiting and your comment.

  20. How festive! ‘Tis the season…

  21. Oh what fun Lulu! I love your clever trees~ and your glass plates are so cute! the ornaments on the “snow” are the perfect finishing touch! I love your Texas Christmas tablescape!

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