Peanut Brittle Man

peanut brittleI didn’t know peanut brittle could be so good until a friend gave me some made by her husband.  It lasted all of two days so more was in order.

peanut brittleWhen I went to pick it up Peanut Brittle Man was in the kitchen stirring away, and I was lucky enough to watch him at work.  This was one of those times it was a very good thing to have a camera along.

peanut brittleThe recipe is from his mother-in-law who has been making this same peanut brittle for 60 years.  The ingredients are few: Karo syrup, raw peanuts, margarine, sugar and baking powder, all carefully measured and added at precise times in the cooking process.

peanut brittlePeanut Brittle Man explained that he wanted every batch to be the same which meant cooking at a consistent temperature.  How does that happen?  He painted little marks on the stove dial to ensure accuracy in each step of the process.  Pretty clever, I’d say.

peanut brittleWhen the cooking is done, the mixture is poured onto parchment paper and spread with a wooden spoon.

peanut brittleCool to the touch, it is flipped onto new pieces of parchment where it is stretched to its maximum size.

peanut brittleThe next step?  You guessed it!  And I wasn’t shy about putting the crumbs right into my mouth.

peanut brittleFinally, the finished brittle is packaged for all the folks who are beating down the door to claim their share.  With mine in hand, I’m trying to figure out how to keep the hubby from eating it all.  I might have to put a container back just for me or maybe I’ll share a piece or two with you.

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21 thoughts on “Peanut Brittle Man

  1. OH…MY…GOSH, Linda! What a wonderful piece about the peanut brittle. Leon has made and sold 150 lbs of it and he is still working on more. Thanks for the kind words. Love you!

  2. It is fun to see the photos since I have already enjoyed the goods. I might have to go visit so I can sneak a sample when it is still warm. I bet the aroma is heavenly too. This candy does make a great gift.

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