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WPC: Achievement

Achievement is measured in so many ways.  It might be making a good grade in a troublesome subject, being recognized for an accomplishment, shooting the winning basket, meeting the challenges of life…well, you get the picture.

Today, I give kudos to my son-in-law who a few years ago committed to doing a triathlon.  For me, swimming, biking and running in the same day sounds like torture, but to those athletes who choose to do it, it is hours in the pool, on a bike and on the pavement prior to participating in the actual event.

Linda  041This one was in Bath, Maine, where the water is cold and the hills are steep making a triathlon even more challenging than in Houston where he had prepared.  Each step was a real achievement acknowledged with a smiling face.

Linda  042Spotting their dad in the distance, the girls ran to greet him and together they crossed the finish line, a most special moment for all.

Linda  043Tired but happy at having met the challenge, he can be credited with quite an achievement.

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14 thoughts on “WPC: Achievement

  1. That brings back memories! His favorite moment was the finish line with the girls. I’ll have to share this with him. He’ll never forget swimming in that cold river! I don’t think he’s done an Olympic distance tri since!

  2. Yes…quite an accomplishment..And so great to have the girls waiting and so excited at the finish line…I know how hard that is as my hubby set a goal to do a triathlon also and did it…Not an easy thing to do … so kudos to your son-in-law!!!

  3. Thank you, my sweet mother-in-law, for honoring that accomplishment. If the Olympic Distance Tri in Austin, TX has not flooded out, I don’t know if I would have even thought to do this one. I was trained for the distance but not the hills. It made it completely worth it to have yall there to cheer me on! So fun!!! Made me smile seeing the pics. Thank you for the memories and telling the story. Love you, JD

  4. A great accomplishment. I can’t image one phase much less all of them.

    Time flies. The girls have grown so much.

    Kudos to your SIL.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. It is coming up quickly.

  5. My husband used to do triathlons and we were all so proud of him~now that we’re not so young we can’t imagine ever been able to do that! What a great role model for those adorable grandchildren, bravo!

  6. Congratulations to your son-in-law. It’s a wonderful achievement to complete a triathlon. I agree we each measure achievement in different ways–and I think that it’s also important to value many different types of achievement.

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