TexasNo sooner do you get into Texas than you begin to notice changes that define its character.

TexasThere are lots of wide open spaces with cattle grazing and maybe an oil well or two pumping away.

TexasChemical plants and refineries are not unusual sights,

Texas/pickupand pickups are more common than cars.

Texas/HoustonAs you get closer to Houston, billboards and strip centers line the highway, not a pretty sight as an entrance to the nation’s fourth largest city.

HoustonFreeways widen to 4-6 lanes in an effort to keep traffic moving

Houstonand spaghetti bowls head off in every direction.

HoustonNo matter how wide the freeways or how many there are, traffic can come to a complete stop at any time of day.  A Maine friend thinks 4 or 5 cars stopped in traffic is gridlock.  Wonder what he’d say about this!

HoustonSpying the city skyline in the distance, I am awed by its transformation in recent years.  Little of the old is there, but that is characteristic of Houston which has demolished so much of its history to create a new story and reflect its can do attitude.

HoustonCranes are everywhere, and new construction is proof of Houston’s booming economy.  This kind of activity is not what one sees much of in Maine which is both a positive and a negative.

Houston’s bigness makes me a little panicky.  All the traffic, all the activity are things that take some getting used to after several months in a much more tranquil environment.  Also, I have to start thinking differently about what is beautiful.  It won’t be the harbor or magical islands or evening sunsets. 

HoustonAs all of these thoughts race through my head, we turn the corner and up ahead I see our house and am calmed.  It is close to all the things that Houston has to offer, but the uniqueness of this area is that it seems far removed from the city’s bustle.   This, too, is a place I’m lucky to call home, and after 14 states, 2280 miles and 34 hours in the car I’m glad to be here.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

21 thoughts on “Reentry….

  1. 6 lanes? To a Norwegian that’s just crazy! 😀

  2. So can relate to your comment about the traffic- I always feel a bit panicky my first week back in DC traffic! Glad your back home! Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Yep, I’m proceeding with caution, especially on the freeways. Are you in Maine for Thanksgiving?

      1. Yep heading up next Saturday- I am in Seattle right now- have babysat my two grandsons for 10 days- Mom and Dad went to India! Flying to DC this pm!

      2. Lucky you. I wish we could stay through Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t work for the rest of the family.

  3. I, too, find it fascinating (not to mention that I’m a little jealous) that you have such two very different climates to enjoy. And I’m sure your do!

  4. No matter where you go it’s always good to come home!

  5. Welcome Home, Lulu. You are just in time to prepare for the holidays which I’m certain will be lovely. Enjoy the new clime and hopefully you can stay warm 🙂

    1. Once I settle in it will be good to be back. We are having a bit of wintry weather and that is a surprise for this time of year.

      1. I know. Im in NYC heading home. Its colder in Ok than NY. Weird!!

    2. Today I’m trying to stay warm. New AC units are being installed and for the moment the heat is off making it rather chilly inside.

      1. It was 18 this morning here. You better get with it. Lol. Stay warm!!! 😀

  6. Welcome back home to Texas!

  7. Welcome home !!
    Houston is an active city that’s ever changing!!

  8. Welcome home! I’ve never been to Houston, or Texas so this was enlightening. Have you ever considered moving full time to Maine?

    Jane x

    1. Not really, Jane. I can take winter in small doses plus the tax situation there is not very friendly.

  9. Glad you’re back in Texas safely, it is so interesting how different your 2 home locations are, you are lucky to enjoy 2 different and beautiful environments. I feel so lucky to have 2 homes too, and even though they are in the same state, the climate, the views, and the towns are so different~we will be dividing Thanksgiving week between the two, which is always double the fun~

    1. Different indeed, but like you say how lucky to be able to enjoy both places.

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