Lemon Buttermilk Cake with Lemon Glaze
Lemon Buttermilk Cake with Lemon Glaze

Why do I like bundt cakes?  Because I am a terrible layer cake maker.  The layers are never the same thickness, one side is always higher than the other, and icing generally runs down the sides onto the plate.    You should see all my failures, and you’d know I’m speaking the truth!!

Apple Dapple Cake
Apple Dapple Cake

A bundt cake is different.  It’s a single thickness, requires nothing more than a simple glaze and glides right out of the pan without falling apart….most of the time.

cake/muffin pansBundt cakes are fun because there are so many different pan designs.  I have to confess, however, that some are better than others when it comes to cleaning.  The more detail, the harder to clean.  I have thrown a couple of pans away because they were too much of a pain to clean!

bundt panRecently, I’ve liked serving individual desserts and for cakes this Wilton pan is perfect.

pecan spice cakeSeveral friends have had birthdays in the last few days, and using the pan I was able to make each one his/her own cake.  It was a little bit of a risk to try a brand new recipe, but luckily, it turned out great.  It is a Pecan Spice Cake with Caramel/Rum Glaze from Southern Living.  Should you make individual cakes, the recipe is good for 10-12.  If you still are looking for a Thanksgiving dessert or one for a holiday party, this is a good one.  

bundt cakeCuisine Kathleen, I’ve saved one just for you for challenging your readers to a bundtathon.  It will be fun to see how everyone put their unique creative touches on all things bundt!

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Bundt Cake Challenge

Foodie Friday

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40 thoughts on “For The Bundt Of It

  1. Ha! You and I must have attended the same School of Layer Cake Baking!!! I can’t get those suckers right to save my little life! I have one of those wire things to cut the layers in half, but I can still never get them even. And all the crumbs! Ugh!!! Bundt cakes are king in my book!!!

    I’ve been on the hunt for a multiple mini Bundt pan like yours. I’ve been trying to find one at a thrift store since they’re so pricey for something I’d probably only use once or twice a year. I just think it’s a great idea to have little personalized cakes for everyone! They can take the remainder home without guilt…because it was created just for them!

    Beautiful cakes, and fun insight, Linda! I’ve pinned the recipe for Thanksgiving! Thanks!

  2. And i thought that delicious cake was from a wonderful bakery but it was your special baking that made it so good. MG says thanks!!

  3. Your little cakes are a great idea…and can’t wait to try the Pecan Spice Cake recipe. Linda, I could have written some of your post…layered cakes are not my friends…and cake molds that have too much detail are not only hard to clean, the little cakes usually come out in pieces, too. Those are some of the reasons I keep using my almost 50 year old orange Bundt pan!
    Have a great week.

  4. Ooh your wee bundt cakes sound delicious with the caramel/rum glaze! I need a mini bundt pan, there’s something so festive about having your own mini cake 🙂

  5. I’m with you, Linda, and love my mini bundt pans. They’re wonderful for individual desserts and for gifting. Your cake is so pretty and thanks for sharing the link to the recipe. I still want to make your apple dapple cake!

  6. I am loving your mini bundt pans, so I’ve just twisted my arm (again) to add them to my collection! Perfect size for individual desserts and for gifting. The caramel rum glaze sounds divine! I’m saving this recipe for future use.

  7. Oh, the caramel rum glaze is going on my next cake. Wow, does that sound good. I don’t bake cakes often, but love using bundt pans when I do. It’s just the two of us, so I like using the little cakelet pans. Bite size is perfect for freezing too.
    Thanks for sharing the different cakes. Delicious!

  8. LULU I have so many bundt pans I completely forgot to put my leaf one out until I saw yours. I agree about the cleanup part some you can soak forever and just not get those little crevices clean. this cake looks delicious. I too am much better with one layer than multiples and the types of glaze you can put on them is endless. Wasn’t this a fun challenge and just imagine if we try each others recipes no on second thought better not. my waist line doesn’t need it.Susie

  9. Your individual pecan spice cakes with rum glaze sound perfect for Thanksgiving, Lulu! I have to take dessert to our gathering and like to make individuals so there is no serving involved! As good of a cook you are, I find it doubtful that you can’t make a layer cake, but I do agree, baking a bundt cake is so much easier and fun! Thanks for the recipe link~

  10. Me too…I have to get individual little bundts. I have some, but of a simple design; have to get the fun ones. I don’t mind the cleaning with a little brush it’s a cinch, but I’d never throw them away, lol!
    The cake and presentation sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don’t like to throw anything away either, Fabby, but I had one pan that was not only impossible to clean, nothing ever came out of it nicely. That one went!!

  11. I like bundt cakes, too, Lulu. Same reason — who wants to mess with a layer cake? All of my best cakes can be made as bundts (Kugelhopf, Chocolate Tiger Cake, gingerbread, chocolate beet cake).

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