In the Barnyard

FranklinA couple of years ago, one daughter and her family moved to a small farm in Franklin, Tennessee.  It is halfway between Rockport and Houston, so it’s a perfect overnight stop on the third night of travel

FranklinNow, I’m not sure I’m a farm girl, but it is fun to take in all the activity in the barnyard.    How all those two and four legged critters know when its feeding time is beyond me, but when they see the girls step inside the gate, a mad rush ensues.  What is really funny is that the different species hang with their own giving real meaning  to the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”.

FranklinThe same is true of the sheep.  They stay close to one another

Franklinand follow their shepherds wherever they go.


I couldn’t get enough of the sheep.  They are so affectionate with each other,

Franklinand their sweet faces would steal anyone’s heart.

FranklinI’m told we are having farm raised turkey for Thanksgiving,

Franklinand it looks to me like they may be hatching a plan to avoid the chopping block.

FranklinThey may have a hard time outrunning this gal

Franklinwhich means Thanksgiving dinner will be the one that doesn’t get away.

FranklinAll this activity is a bit much for Lucy who looks down on it from her high perch.

FranklinAs for Aslan, he’s on the outside looking in wanting to be part of the action.  With his energy that would cause total chaos!

FranklinIt’s tempting to linger to take in the natural beauty of the farm, but hit the road we must.  

FranklinAs we sneak down the stairs hoping to leave quietly, we find Super Daughter in the kitchen scrambling up some farm fresh eggs.  Now, that is a loving and delightful surprise.

FranklinSpeaking of eggs, the chickens are the girls’ responsibility.  Eggs are plentiful, and the girls have built a customer base for all the extras.  Pretty enterprising, wouldn’t you say?

Until next time through, that’s it for barnyard happenings.  There’s no telling what changes will occur there between now and then.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

P.S.  If you want to see more of Ten 10 Farm, visit here.


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36 thoughts on “In the Barnyard

  1. I am ready to move to Franklin TN!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of your daughter’s farm with us. What a treat!

  2. YOu are so talented in taking photos….but like everyone commenting on this post…..loooooved the sheeps….too….nice post!

    1. Thank you. The farm is full of wonderful subjects, so it’s easy to get good photos.📷

  3. Gorgeous photos, as always. And those egg cartons combined with the labels – fantastic!!!

    1. Thank you very much. I was impressed by the egg cartons, too.

  4. I could never leave there!!! What a beautiful piece of property and those sheep faces….adorable! I love the packaging for their eggs. Such a nice personal touch. Tina

  5. What fun to have a farm with loved ones to stop at on the long road home!

  6. A day in the farm. I haven’t had one in a long time. You made it alluringly sounds so much fun. Those sheeps sure are oddly attractive.

  7. I just said a little prayer for that one turkey who was too slow to make a run for it! He looks delicious, though! 🙂

    The farm experience! Nothing like it in the whole wide world!!! I just love the way you got such terrific shots that really capture the feel. The nuzzling sheep…priceless!!!

    Those eggs would be a HUGE hit here in the area where I live! There are a lot of people who love the “gourmet” and fresh/natural products so much that they’re willing to pay almost any price! The way these eggs are packaged is just way fabulous!!!!! They look almost like jewelry or fancy soaps!

    1. I will share your take on the eggs with the girls which will make them very proud. I always say if something looks good, it must be good. The farm experience has been a good one for all.

  8. Fabulous photos, Lulu. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the poor turkey though. The sheep do have the most endearing faces. 🙂 Safe travels.

  9. You must be so proud! And your photos of those beautiful animals are just stunning!

  10. Fun to see our farm through your eyes. Love the photo of Lily and Rosemary with their heads together. Never in my wildest childhood dreams did I think I’d grow up and have all these animals! I know it makes you laugh every time. 🙂

  11. I so love your daughter’s farm…does she give tours?!!…:) The animals are gorgeous and love that cape of hers!!….and then there are those beautifully packaged eggs…wish I lived closer!!! I am sure it was hard to leave your beautiful family and that fabulous farm!

  12. Nice post – love Super Daughter in the kitchen.

  13. Great pictures!! Indeed, the sheep are the cutest :)))) I love your posts!!

  14. Wonderful pictures….lovely start to my morning:)

  15. Great post! The sheep are so cute too!

  16. What a great life the grandchildren are having there on the farm!

  17. Lulu, so enjoyed visiting your daughter’s farm. We often travel through Franklin and it is a beautiful place to live or visit! Continued safe travels!

    1. It is hard not to find much of beauty in the area. Thank you for your good wishes.

  18. I love the photos, especially the sheep…they are my favorite farm animal with their soulful eyes.
    Lucy is beautiful…I am a cat person.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

    1. I, too, fell in love with the sheep. They seem so in need of love and that touched me.

  19. I love it!! Looks like you had a fabulous visit. Now I want some sheep and a few mini donkeys.

    1. Go for it, you’ve got the place!

  20. It looks like my place Lulu. We too have all those animals. Lots of fun!!!

    1. You live on a farm? I can see you being a shepherd.

  21. Love it!

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. Great pictures, great farm!
    Can’t believe how the girls have grown up!

  23. What wonderful photos of what must be a wonderful place! I love everything, but those egg containers are amazing… where can I get some?

    1. Check egg and you will find them.

  24. Great photos as you head South. Safe travels.

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