Not Your Ordinary Pumpkin

Each fall, beginning Columbus Day weekend, Damariscotta, Maine, hosts its annual crowd pleasing Pumpkin Fest.  These not your ordinary pumpkins line the main street and are a real draw for visitors.

Pumpkin FestSome are big, really big, like this one weighing over 1400 pounds.  It must have taken a forklift to raise it!

Pumpkin FestBig and little pumpkins

Pumpkin Festare combined into playful and fun creations.

Pumpkin FestThis gal is all puckered up for a smooch, 

Pumpkin Festand her friend is having a really bad hair day.

Pumpkin FestI almost missed this cherry red pumpkin in front of an old timey soda fountain

Pumpkin Festand this one on the porch of the cute bistro where we had lunch.

Pumpkin FestIt is amazing the work that goes into these creations be they carved

Pumpkin Festor painted with intricate designs.

Pumpkin FestA most unique owl image was made by collaging art papers onto the surface.

Pumpkin FestThis guy, well, he just may be looking for a way to avoid the chopping block!

Taking all this in was a most fun way to spend an afternoon.  For sure, if you come to Maine during leaf peeping time, you want to put the Pumpkin Fest on your list of entertaining things to see.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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