RockportRockport is a small town on Maine’s midcoast, and unless one takes the back road to Camden it’s easy to miss the charm of this place that has captured my heart.

Rockport HarborRockport HarborRockport Harbor - sea smoke 508 MASTERRockport Harbor on foggy day  Year after year Rockport is listed as one of the 10 most beautiful small towns in America.  I’ll not disagree. One of the reasons is the harbor which I’ve shown in so many posts.

Indian IslandAt one end is Indian Island with its now disabled lighthouse. It is the sight that after a day of boating welcomes me home.

Rockport HarborAt the other end is a boatyard specializing in building wooden boats and reproductions of historic ships.

lobster guyHere, too, is the dock where I pick up lobsters right off the boat and that is a fishing spot for many.

Andre/Rockport HarborIn the park where I like to look out over the harbor is a granite statue of Andre, the very famous seal that entertained visitors for years and is a unique part of Rockport’s identity.  If there is a child in your family, get the book telling Andre’s story.  It’s guaranteed to become a favorite.

Rockport Boat Club

Rockport Boat ClubRockport Boat ClubRockport Boat ClubThe harbor is also home to the Rockport Boat Club where on Friday evenings the hubby and I gather with friends to share a friendly and spirited time.

Linda  057Rockport may be small, but it has two of the area’s most popular restaurants, both walking distance from our house.  Salt Water Farm is a great place to enjoy fresh baked goodies for breakfast

Rockportand Shepherd’s Pie serves an outrageous Duck PB&J that is my favorite for dinner.

RockportLinda  051CMCA biennialThe Village also has 3 galleries and CMCA where I have spent many hours volunteering over the years.

RockportAt Ralston Gallery are wonderful photographs capturing the spirit of Maine’s islands and coast, and if one is lucky enough to catch Peter in the gallery he has stories to tell!

RockportOn the main street is this lovely little park

Rockportand the Opera House which hosts a lively summer concert schedule as well as programs during the off season.

RockportThe Rockport Library is a sweet place in the middle of the Village, and I rarely pass by without stopping to check out an audio book to listen to on my walks.

RockportYes, this little Village with its beautiful harbor is a special place reminiscent of times past with its slower and simpler pace in a location nature has blessed with beauty.  Every day I am thankful for the moments I’m lucky enough to spend here.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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42 thoughts on “A Closer Look

  1. Got some great snapshots of a pretty little village that we all love to visit. Many people who come here just never stop talking about this little part of heaven! Great photos, Linda.

  2. Lovely post about a favorite part of New England for us Texans. We have traveled to the Rockport/Camden area for many years and it is just so beautiful. I have enjoyed your boating posts of the area, too. Andrew Wyeth and all that goes along with him is sort of what drew us to the area the first time…back in the early 70’s when the house in Christina’s world first was open to the public. A few weeks ago at the first of October we were fortunate to spend a week with friends in Vermont and then my husband and I took a quick run to the coast in the Ogunquit area before we flew out of Boston. It was a nice “taste” (as in chowder) of Maine but of course, all too short. Anyway, I love your blog and try to soak up the things you show us in picture and words.

  3. Your post is a gift, to see such an awesome place – you are so right, it is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been too. I’m thrilled that you post so many gorgeous images, lets me enjoy the view as if I were right there.

  4. Your pictures and stories of Maine and all of the places you visit are dreamy. I will be visiting Maine one day!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I actually discovered yours several months ago through your daughter’s blog. When you commented on my post I saw your picture and thought “I know her!”. I live about an hour and half from your daughter in north Alabama.
    Your work in hand-weaving cloth is amazing. I love textiles. Yours are especially beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. What a coincidence and how small this blog world can become. We will be driving from Rockport to Houston with a stop at Linsey’s this weekend. Thank you for visiting, and i hope you will stop by again. I’ll put you on Blog Lovin’ to keep up with you.

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