A Real Metamorphosis

Rockp[ort HarborAs temperatures drop and leaves begin falling like rain, there is a real metamorphosis occurring on Rockport Harbor.  

Heron, schoonerHeron has taken her last boatload of passengers for a cruise on Penobscot Bay and will soon head south to host cruises in warmer climes.

lobster boat/Rockport HarborThough lobster boats continue to go out, they leave hours later than in summer. Lobstermen are bundled up to protect against the chill wind that is blowing across the bay.   For most who work out of Rockport Harbor, lobstering will cease the end of this month.

lobster boatAs the boats return to the harbor these days,  sterns are stacked with pots that will be put away until late spring.  That is a sure sign the lobster season is winding down.

Rockport HarborDocks, covered with tarps, float in the harbor waiting their turn to be pulled

Rockport Harborand mooring balls are gathered to be cleaned and stored.  This I am very grateful for because when left in the water the lines accumulate kelp, mussels and debris that makes them near impossible to pull from the water.  Since that is my job during boating season, I like for the lines to be clear!  

sailboat/Rockport HarborOne by one sailboat masts are lowered and sails removed making them ready to be motored to the boatyard where they will be hauled and stored until next year.

Rockport HarborYes, there is metamorphosis  on the harbor, and what I notice most is our dock sitting empty but for a couple of lines.  Pipe Dreams is in her winter resting place leaving us with another year of memories exploring the beauty of the coast of Maine.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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21 thoughts on “A Real Metamorphosis

  1. Lulu … how beautifully poetic you describe the changing seasons in Rockport … I feel I was transported into your enchanting town.

    Thank you my dear … for your lovely words on my post today. they touched my heart.

    Sending you thoughts of joy and comfort.


  2. Dear Linda, Loved receiving this….an eye-opener for those of us who occasionally visit Maine in warmer months. Llittle do we know what it is “to wind down, close up, and store” for winter in New England. Dennis and I hope to see you when you get back to the Bayou City. Safe travels.

  3. How so very gorgeous!…and you must feel a bit of sadness as you put Pipe Dreams in for its Winter’s Rest. enjoy the most stunning scenery that surround you!

  4. Fascinating, Linda, it is so interesting to see the seasons change in various parts of the country~when do you head south?

  5. Beautiful Linda! What a lovely spot. We’ll keep the heat on for you here. It will still be nice and toasty when you return to Texas. I know when we had our mountain cabin it seemed sad boarding it up at the end of each summer. But it will be good to have you back.

  6. Beautiful pics, and I loved the wistful feel of this post, Lulu. 🙂

  7. You are in one of my very favorite cities in the world!!

  8. Enjoyed spending the summer with you in Maine Lulu – always bittersweet when it comes to an end. Before you know if you’ll back for another wonderful season.

  9. So sad, but also another Summer of beautiful memories , and another season to look forward to!!! Happy Fall!!

    1. I’m just glad we have opportunity to be in this wonderful place even if it is for just part of the year.

  10. That was so much fun. It’s sad to see the season come to a close but your post makes me look forward to when it will be time to return the boats, docks, lobster pots, etc. back to summer places. Thanks for showing us your Maine.

    1. Maine is a wonderful place to share, and you can bet there’s more to come.

  11. Stunning pictures… lovely… 🙂

  12. Your pictures are great, I felt I was there to watch the metamorphosis. Never having spent much time around sail boats, I honestly never thought about them having to remove the mast…it would be impossible to store them, with it still intact. Guess I’ve spent too much time in the south, away from a marina!

  13. Beautiful photos and we are envious of your seasons…
    The white boats on the blue water are breathtaking.
    It’s getting a little cooler here in Houston too🍁🍃🍂

  14. I don’t know about you but this summer passed quickly. I know the fall leaves are pretty there. We are always behind but cooler temps have made very pleasant weather. I love fall and others last a while. I’m still in flip flops.

    Always enjoy your adventures whether in Maine or Houston.

  15. Oh I loved this post! I understand putting things away and winterizing. I’d love to see winter pictures there.

  16. So pretty with all the leaves!! Hard to winterize the boat and put it away!! I was not ready just yet

    1. Putting the boat away is a sure sign our time here is coming to an end.

  17. Beautiful pictures! Yes, after Columbus Day many take their boats out here too. The year rounders like us, push it to the limits though. There are still some boats at the dock, hoping for another trip before it gets too cold!

    1. We last as long as we can, but we’ll be returning to Houston in about 10 days and part of getting ready is returning the boat to Southwest Harbor. Some people who are year rounders leave boats in until Thanksgiving, but after that there are few to be seen.

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