Enough is Enough!

I like sports.  I like watching gifted athletes play at the top of their game be it at the professional or college level.  What I don’t like is when the behavior of any athlete begins to drag down the reputation of the sport or the organization with whom he or she is associated.

Certainly, that’s what is happening in professional and collegiate football these days, and being a female I am especially disturbed since much of the questionable behavior is directed toward women.

Though I am disgusted by the alleged sexual abuse and insulting remarks of some male athletes, I find myself wondering who is to blame.  Is winning so important that we are willing to overlook the transgressions of star athletes?  Is the revenue generated so valuable to colleges and pro franchises that they turn a blind eye to the behavior of their players?  Is the violence of football, and it is a violent game, responsible in some part for a player’s off field behavior?  

In some respects, I think all of these things contribute to the problem which probably begins long before an athlete reaches college or the pros.  As young players, the more gifted often are given special attention and perhaps some breaks that other kids don’t receive.  What is even sadder is that many of the young athletes don’t seem to have a strong sense of right and wrong.  Who is too blame for that?  Without a moral compass, how can can  anyone be expected to be a model citizen?

FSUWhy is all this bothering me?  Because I am a proud graduate of Florida State University, and it has been very hard to see the university’s name in headlines for months because of the behavior of its super star athlete.  I cannot help but wonder if he realizes that he has tainted not only his own reputation but by association the school he represents.  That is a shame because it overshadows the accomplishments of many other high achieving students.

Soon there will be a disciplinary hearing, better late than never I suppose, to determine what steps, if any, the university should take regarding this young man.  I wish him no ill, but the university has a responsibility to treat him as it would any student.  If that means dimming the hopes for another national championship, so be it.  That would be better than have a dark cloud continue to hang over the university.  It is my sincere hope that the powers that be do the right thing even if it puts a football season in jeopardy.  In the long run, that could benefit all the parties involved and everyone could focus on the positive rather than the negative.  

Enough is enough!  I hope you will weigh in with your thoughts.

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19 thoughts on “Enough is Enough!

  1. My hubby and I had a long discussion about this….if it were any other student, then there would have been investigations, etc….but it all comes down to the almighty dollar … the dollars that are gained by championships, etc… they look the other way…and it happens in lots of schools unfortunately….It is a very sad situation….and by the way…even though you are a “Nole” I still love you…as I am a Gator!

    1. Universities do benefit from the success of their sports programs, but that’s no excuse not to deal with associated problems. Thanks for the love….not all my Gator friends offer the same!

  2. Linda, between us, Paula and I have five degrees from FSU, with my third from USF. We are very conflicted in this matter, but both totally agree that morality, social ethics, academics and especially respect for the dignity of the sanctity of women’s rights take precedence over any sports related accomplishments/celebrations. We are very disappointed with the university response and action as well as the perpetrator and alleged victim legal ploys. Hopefully, the truth will win out at the expense of those who chose to fight it!

    1. We could talk long about this. Almost 2 years and it’s still not settled…..Nobody’s going to be a winner!

  3. I am tired of power and money upstaging what is morally right, not to mention hearing the same mess over and over in the media everyday…the world is a sick place when you have to send children out of the room to watch the news…

    1. I’m right there with you, Jenna. If we didn’t focus so much on the bad news, I wonder if more good might occur.

  4. I can’t weigh in with my thoughts, Linda. This is a G-rated blog, and there would be WAY too many cuss words involved that cannot be contained in my anger. Seriously….this is such a sore spot with me, and it has been for decades. It’s rampant and just plain wrong.

    1. I glossed over many of my thoughts in an effort to not be too preachy, but, like you, I think abusing women and getting away with it is wrong, really wrong.

  5. These young athletes need discipline and to learn how to respect other people, male and female, during the game and off the game.

    1. Agreed, but how do we teach them respect when there appears to be such disregard for right?

      1. That is the real challenge. It really should be the institution’s mission.

  6. I don’t know the incident your are referring to, but the behaviour of many football (soccer to you) stars in the UK beggars belief. It is no longer a sport – it is big business. And, in fairness, some very skillful players aren’t that well equipped mentally.

    1. Sport has indeed become a business, and many athletes are guilty of having very poor judgement. Thanks for commenting.

  7. The concept of sport for sport’s sake is lost. The competitive element has become ugly. Where i live the professional athletes are also caught womanising, some with drugs, performance enhancing and otherwise. Perhaps this hug ego they have is necessary to survive in the sports culture these days, and as for bike racing, some think there should be races between those who use drugs and those who don’t. Perhaps gauging the audience interest after that would influence the abuse. I simply can’t understand if you want the best performance out of your body why you would choose to ingest any substance other than pure food……
    Great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Tis indeed sad what goes on in the world of sport yet we still cheer for the offenders.

  8. AMEN – and well put. Thank you for willing to put your thoughts ‘on the line’. You speak for many!

    WAY TO GO!!

    Hugs, Carol

    On Oct 11, 2014, at 1:42 PM, Lulu’s Musings wrote:

    WordPress.com lulu posted: “I like sports. I like watching gifted athletes play at the top of their game be it at the professional or college level. What I don’t like is when the behavior of any athlete begins to drag down the reputation of the sport or the organization with whom “

    1. Thank you, I’m fed up with the goings on.

  9. Had disciplinary actions been taken when the first incident occurred, I’m sure there would not have been numbers 2-5.

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