Table to Table

flowers/tablescapeLucky me to be given a beautiful arrangement of flowers left from tables of a friend’s daughter’s wedding reception.  Relocating them to my table, they became a source of inspiration for a ladies’ lunch.

tablescapeI was a little stumped by the pale pinks and peach tones in the arrangement, but there was one little sprig of red that got the creative juices going.

tablescapeA favorite vintage French tablecloth became the background and these oft used pears surround the flowers.  Even though there is a slightly grown up look to the setting, it still satisfies my need for simple, understated.

tablescapeThe flowers provided welcome opportunity to use the cranberry dinnerware from the 1940’s.   Would you have guessed square would have been in vogue then?  And, since mixing and matching is my thing, clear plates, again vintage, were selected to sit alongside.

tablescapeAfter trying several napkins, these were the final choice since they are almost the same color as the background in the cloth.   You may have seen the flatware a number of times, but have you noticed that each piece has a different pattern?  You don’t think that may be why it was chosen! 

tablescapeFor ladies, no napkin fold or ring could be more perfect that the pewter figurals.  Oh, how I wish I had more!

tablescapeAll done, the table is a blend of things each of which invokes a memory of place or person.

tablescapeSo often, that is what makes a table seem special.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

tablescapeP.S.  Later in the day as the light changed, I love the drama of it hitting the table.  Sometimes a photo is just because!


Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Tuesday

23 thoughts on “Table to Table

  1. Beautiful, Lulu! And thank you for linking up with our first link party! It is a trial run, so I am learning– I am very new to the blogger world!

  2. Gorgeous arrangement, but I am especially taken by the way you can once again, put the most unusual things together in a successful way! The flowers seem to make the wall plates pop a little too!

    1. Thank you Jenna. You know, you have to work with what you got and hope!

  3. Wow, what a great tablescape, I love the gorgeous centerpiece! You got me with that beautiful tablecloth too…I love red in the Fall. You have inspired me to use an Indian one in beige with red elephants I have, lol! When you get tired of those adorable red square cups and saucers, I’ll send you my address!!! I love it!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Lovely arrangement, but what wows me the most are the square cups. Want those!

  5. What a beautiful flower arrangement! I love your napkin ring figurals…Christine

  6. Beautiful arrangement! And, by the way, I love your plate/platter wall.

  7. Lovely job! I like how you worked the colors to include the floral centerpiece. You met your own challenge beautifully! Those pears really worked well with the arrangement- great choice! Love the pewter pieces!

  8. No, I would NOT have thought that square plates would have been in vogue back then! Silly me thought they were a completely new concept! Shows what I know! 🙂

    I like the blend of elements, especially with it being fall. This is a great time to mix it up!

    I hope your flowers last a while. They are awfully pretty, and I know they brought you and your friends a lot of joy!

  9. What a beautiful tablecloth, Linda!

  10. I, too, was gifted with the same arrangement and I went in the other direction. White tablecloth and pale pink napkins. Green candles and voila – a dinner party! I wish I had taken a picture to share. However, I must say that yours was far more imaginative!. Thanks for sharing! Katy

    1. How fun that we were both inspired by the flowers to set a table. Definitely the dining room table is where they looked best!

  11. lulu this is great montage of colors and different shapes the flowers are stunning but I LOve Love your plates on the wall anybody who decorates their walls with arrays of plates always has my vote.Susie

    1. Thank you. I, too, love hung plates and thought it would be fun to have them become sculptural. It’s always good to have you visit.

  12. Beautiful and elegant, as always!

  13. Gorgeous Lulu! And the last picture with the reflection is so pretty – happy Fall to you!

  14. Simple, inviting and pretty!! Love the later photo with the light placement on the knife.

    1. Thanks, and I love late afternoon photos that capture the changing light.

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