Fall Is……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s official, fall is here. It is changing leaves, cool morning temperatures and so much more.

 Fall is comfort food,

APPLES  apple picking

pumpkinsand pumpkins.

dirt roadFall is walks on the dirt road

selfie,shadowand casting long shadows.

fall sunsetFall is earlier sunsets of deeper, richer hues,

dahliadahliadahliadahlias and dahlias that take my breath away.

blueberry field, fallFall is blueberry fields wearing their fall colors

bootsand new boots to warm the feet.

cloudsFall is breathing cool, crisp air beneath feathery clouds, and with every breath I am reminded how lucky I am.

 So, how about you, what is fall?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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24 thoughts on “Fall Is……

    1. Such beautiful fall pictures….did not realize the blueberry plants turn so colorful! Indeed a treat to see fall in Maine through your “eyes”!

      1. It is amazing to see those fields of red this time of year. They are one of my most favorite fall sights.

  1. Wonderful view of the sea over the trees…and the lovely curving path through the golden trees….and the the beautiful sky…nice one:)

  2. Sweats instead of t-shirts, sturdy walking shoes instead of white sandals, and hearty stews instead of tomato salads…that is fall here in New England to me. 🙂

  3. A special time in Maine and your scenic view of the sea speaks of its quiet beauty, love the lobster mac n’ cheese, and the wonderful Fall pumpkins and blueberry fields – it’s a time to drink in the beauty of Fall.

  4. I love fall. I was raised by a sports father so FOOTBALL is a huge part of fall to me!! Your pictures are beautiful and capture all the wonderful things the world offers at this time of year!!

  5. What a beautiful, delightful, cheerful… fall post! Cool new boots 🙂

  6. I really enjoy fall. Unfortunately, all that yummy comfort food tends to mean there’s more of me – probably a natural impulse left over from times when we had to brave the cold without the aid of central heat and parkas.

  7. Thanks for letting me muse with you

  8. Gorgeous pix. I want to walk down that dirt road with the Fall colored branches overhead. laurie

  9. Wonderful selection of what Fall is. For me I would add spider webs covered in morning dew, shorter days and Thanksgiving…

  10. What is not to love about fall? Your pictures are stunning. I assume you’re still in Maine?

    Jane xx

  11. WOW I love fall! Never knew how much until I got to experience a real one! SO much beauty. One of my favorite things about fall aside from the things you mentioned: wearing boots and jeans. {My Texas-turned-Tennessee uniform!}

  12. We are having our first cool morning, 58 degrees! The blueberry fields are incredible, as the sunset over the harbor~love the blingy boots!

  13. It’s a beautiful time of the year. Love your photos! Just came over from Shirley’s!

    1. Thank you. I hope you will come again.

  14. So THAT’S what a blueberry field looks like in all its glory??!??!! Wow!!! I love it! Not at all what I would have expected, but I absolutely love it! That alone would be worth the trip to Maine!

    Fall is indeed everything as you described it. My very favorite time of year barring tornadoes.

    Cool Uggs, baby! Enjoy those puppies!!!

  15. Wow..never knew a blueberry field looks so spectacular in the fall !!!….You are in Fall Heaven in your precious Maine with all the glorious colors…Love those Uggs!!!…


  17. Linda, life is Good for you and P. thanks for sharing those interesting photos. If I can get healthy, I am going to try to get to Maine. Y’all be careful traveling back. Love Y’all,

  18. Dear friend, thank you thank you for bringing the Maine fall to NJ. I feel the quiet.
    A poem by John O’Donohue to go with your magnificent photos
    I would love to live
    like a river flows,
    carried by the surprise
    of its own unfolding.
    love you

    1. You always have a way of making things better.

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